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Tara Visionary Medium


won't refund as promised

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Contact information:
Tara Visionary Medium
26D Armagh Road
Portadown, Northern Ireland, County Armagh
United Kingdom
Phone: 07809679363
i visited the tara visionary medium website and got a free reading, following this i purchased an in depth reading from her with the promise that if i was not fully satisfied i would recieve a full and fast refund, no questions asked on request. i was not happy with the reading and followed the instructions given at the bottom of the reading for a refund. i have now sent her the refund requesting e-mail over 15 times and all i get back is more junk mail. i still haven't got my money back, what can i do? below is a copy of the end of the free reading and the money back guarantee made for the reading i paid for. i have followed the instructions but still haven't recieved my refund.

Visionary Medium


If you are not completely satisfied with my work, all you have to do is send me an e-mail with “Astral Reading of Luck and Money” as the subject, and write “I want to be reimbursed” in the message, with no further explanation. You will receive a fast and total refund, made out to your name, with no further questions asked. That way YOU CAN BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE WITHOUT TAKING THE LEAST FINANCIAL RISK.

Along with your “ASTRAL READING OF LUCK AND MONEY” you’ll receive, as a free gift: "MY MAGIC WISH-FULFILLING PENTACLE".

This Pentacle seems to be impregnated with a mysterious secret that contains POWERFUL ASTRAL FORCES. It is reputed to trigger the RAPID REALIZATION OF YOUR SECRET WISHES. Many men and women who have had the privilege of owning a MAGIC PENTACLE during a period of luck, have seen their SECRET WISHES come true, often in less than 7 days. It is urgent that you use it as quickly as possible, so that you are prepared for THE BIGGEST CHANGE YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN IN YOUR LIFE
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A  26th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Please Please if anyone has payed Astroway [ tara medium ] money through paypal, could they please form a complaint against her with paypal . She has got to be stopped, as it scares me when i read all the emails, and see how she has ripped off so many people . and has got away with it .She is a fake and we need to stop her and maybe we might be lucky to get our refunds back. So once again please make a complaint Oakley
A  15th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Just a note to anyone who has paid by credit card, contact your card provider and tell them you have been caught up in a web scam and want any future payments (tell them the amounts due out and date) to be stopped, it is your money and upto you who you pay it to! Tell the credit card provider that you have tried to contact Tara directly and as her website and emails tell you to but have got no response so you need the payments stopped immediately. I did and my card provider has stopped all payments going to this disgusting woman, if you have paid by paypal you are covered by their guarantee you need to contact them and let them know what has happened and put in your complaint, they are already investigating her website scam so your complaints will help to possible get her website banned!! Fingers crossed

Kindest Christmas Wishes Sent to all that are meant to be on this site

Silly Girl xx
A  27th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi...I haven`t paid any money but am plagued by emails offering free gifts of 70 and 80 pounds, 300 quid for appearing in her book, and prof of a lottery win. Simple fact is she is a crook, and I`ve quite got into having a laugh when her mail arrives with the family...we just wonder what lies she will tell next to try and get vulnerable people`s money. There are several lies in each mail...in the very first one, for instance, she claimed to have spent 13 hours working on my case...and all she could come up with was that I was a Taurus, based on my birthdate...unfortunately for her, the rest of the form had not automatically filled in...it was hilariously bad!
This woman preys on peoples insecurities and greed...AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

ps..One bit of spiritual knowledge I do have is that many consider `The unforgiveable sin` (in esoteric terms) as being someone who claims spiritual powers they do not have..for gain. She better hope that all she claims is false...or this crook is damned!
A  27th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi...I'm from South Africa, I was also caught by her scam. I asked her to take 3 payments off my credit card so far 4 have been taken off. I went to my bank and they say I have to get hold of her to stop payments as they have no record of her. How do I stop payments if her site is fake.
N  30th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thankfully I wanted to read people opinion before I make any purchases. Please to all of you who read my comment, please check comments from people before you make any payments to this crook, and to all the crooks that exist in the web. Thank you all for your comments that gave me a pretty good idea as to what I was putting myself through. I got a free reading from Tara and then immediately she asked for £79. My immediate questions were: Who it Tara? Has she got a last name? What is her address? Why was she so quick to say that she has helped celebrities, but won't name anyone. If she claims to be a visionary psychic and very good at it, by having a last name I would have checked her background and see whether she was as good as she claimed, but without a last name I immediately knew that she was fake. Also I agree with the other people who said that they way the reading was edited was pathetic. People, I urge you to check facts before you rush with your card at hand. Thanks. Linda UK
N  1st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I keep receiving her emails too, saying I have to act quickly as time is running out for me to find my destiny blah blah blah... I recently got one from her saying she had £100 waiting for me so I thought I would test her and replied asking if she could use that £100 to pay the fee she keeps asking me for... much to my surprise all I got back (three times) was the email saying she can't respond yet.. blah blah!! Glad you all posted these comments it confirms what I half believed. Vicky UK
A  7th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi. I'm from South Africa. And I have also just recently taken Tara up on her offer for my astral reading at $79. That equates to R605, which I don't have. I have also e-mailed her to get my refund but with no success. I have taken it over 3 payments and am now scared that I'll just have to write this money off? :-(

Why do people like this prey on people that need help.

foollish girl
A  30th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
hi all, i am so glad i read all these comments, i was going too pay for this woman too give me a reading. I thought it quite strange, that once you did the info bit, that i could not contact her. I asked for a free reading once then few weeks later i did it again using, an alternative email. Oh my god this woman needs stricking off. My reading was identical as the last, then my daughter did hers and it was the same. She is a fraud and, i do believe in spiritualists and mediums and i feel well duped!! I can not stress how much this as upset me and it really makes a mockery off those people who truly truly believe in all this. She needs too be stopped nd i hope that all those people who have been duped, get their money back and she gets her dues!!!
N  6th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
hi, im ashamed to say i fell for this fraudster, because i was facing a lot of turmoil in my life at the time and i paid her £23 for my first reading. But then i stared looking her up on the internet and found her to be a fraud, so i emailed her several times and it wasnt till i threatend her with legal action did she reply, some five weeks later the money was refunded into my account. So dont give up you need to pursue this, its your money she has taken by conning you into believing you can help you.
N  11th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ughm... My story is strange, I was "google-ing" a search trying to find out if it was a sin to order an astral reading, I sort of asked God "is it alright to ? Can I ? God? huh? and my search led me straight to this page. And what's even more strange is ... it was Tara that I got email offer from and I guess God is pretty darn smart !
Nipped it in the bud !
N  24th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too received an email from "Tara visionary medium" inviting me to take her offer of a free reading. I NEVER paid any money and for giggles I filled out the first form. I got a so called visionary ready that took 13 hours and how I my luck was going to change by December 30th 1999 and this streak of luck was suppose to last for 3 months till March 2000.
Right then and there I knew she was fake and this was a hoax. I emailed her back and asked her how can she claim to be a visionary medium and give out false readings and prey on people that need help. She replied say thank you for request blah blah and everything else not pertaining to my response. She even mentioned how she could not help me out any further because I was not on her priority list and I had to be on that list before anything
A  25th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi to everyone that has fallen into this evil woman's trap. Surely there is something someone can do to stop her.
I knew something was wrong when I received my free reading a few days ago, the date she had that was going to change my life for the better was DECEMBER 30th 1999, I thought it might of been an innocent mistake and I kept on reading and there it was again DECEMBER 30th 1999 and then again and again, 8 times this date was in my reading. I emailed her and said that "I was very skeptical about her and that she is scamming someone on a Disability Pension how can she sleep a night " and minutes later I received an email saying that she had "skimmed through my email and that I wasn't on her client list and that she would contact me after receiving PAYMENT.
After Goggling her, the complaints that come up were unreal and go back to as far as 2007, so why is she still ripping people off. It saddens me knowing that poor innocent people like myself are being scammed by this so and so.
A  8th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I received an email stating that I had contacted her in a dream and had asked her for help... Blah blah she then went on to tell me that Dark forces were conspiring against me and that I alone could not shift them blah blah... and that I'm due for a lottery win but only if she helped get rid of the Dark forces plaguing me or something to that effect! I was a little perturbed to say the least and Now after reading all of the above warnings I feel allot happier at NOT giving her money! Thankyou.
A  13th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
my comment is, i was supposed to send her the amount she asked but after reading these coplaints iam alerted and thank you all for your comments and saving my bucks.nobody can change the luck except the creator.
N  19th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I also have been receiving e-mails from Tara. I have not sent any money and am so happy I found this board. It sounds like she sent the same reading to many people that is the same as mine. Too bad people like her will pray on people in crisis such as myself.
A  2nd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Do not send any money to this "person". I am sure whoever it is, it is not a woman called Tara!!! Having read the comments on this site, I can confirm that the reading sent is bog-standard - my luck will change on 30th December 2010 and will last for 3 months etc etc. If people were getting this in 1999, how can it still be going on?
A  2nd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I absolutely agree. She told me I would get a large sum of money on Nov 13th and when that date passed it was Dec 13th. She promised 3 months of great stuff and then 3 more months blah blah blah. I wish we could find where she is and stop her.
N  5th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Why would anyone give their credit card info to someone like this in the first place...?
N  6th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I never did but some people feeling desperate and looking for comfort and answers would easily be sucked in. She is very convincing.
A  10th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
she almost convinced me i was about to borrow some money to pay for it but thankfully i opened my eyes in time. when u desperate u do stupid things without thinking.

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