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I was introduced to Tara the medium via FACEBOOK!!! She cons people on their birthday to send for a FREE reading. To do so you have to answer a series of FEAR based questions, working at getting at your own FEARS to see what an easy mark you are. I indicated that I did not have any of the fears she listed. She sends me the free reading and as I indicated that I wanted to know about 'money', she tells me that I am winning a huge jackpot soon but that she has to tell me when to buy the lottery ticket. It has to be bought within a certain time within the next 30 days. Succumbing to her SCAM, I sent my $100 CAD. She gives me pure and utter fluff and works on heightening all fears I may have, saying there is a bad influence around me. This I knew to be utter nonsense. She proceeds to tell me about her magical mystical telepathic protection for which she is now charging $399 CAD. I wrote back to her asking for my money back and telling her to stop playing on people's vulnerability as her just rewards are just around the corner.

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