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Dear Sir / Madam,

I have done 4 offers for free coins in your WWE Slam game. One was reading a report for around 1800 coins, 2 were downloading and running 2 apps for at least 2 mins and the final was completing a 20 min survey (which actually took over 30 excluding the ones I was excluded from) for 37800 coins.

Not one of these offers have ever given me a payout. I've submitted claims in app. All of these disputes have received multiple responses from your service team of you have the coins.

I have requested multiple times for confirmation as to when but rexeice the same automated messaged. This kind of customer service is attrocius.

As of this moment, you have lost a paying customer. I will no longer give you any of my money and will begin telling friends and family to avoid tapjoy.




  • Updated by PJ_1986 · Apr 29, 2017

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I completed a survey for free coins, 32800 to be precise, I took a screenshot of the "congratulations please return to your game for your reward" screen.

    To date I have not received these coins, nor have I received the 2000+ coins for downloading and running an app called Slot Cool (which I ran for 10mins), the 2000+ coins for solitaire or the 1000+ coins for reading an article.

    Each and everyone of these has been complained about yet, I keep receiving an automated response from your customer service team saying I have the coins.

    I have asked them go recheck as I still have the same 3000+ coins I had before the offers and get the same response. This "customer service" is unacceptable. In my industry I would receive a disciplinary for this poor service.

    I am a paying customer, however if I do not receive the 32800 (at the very least), I will ensure that you never receive another penny from me and will downvote your app on the Google store.

    Please look into this asap and advise.

    Thanks & Best regards,


Apr 29, 2017

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