TapJoyreward points for app design home

I have tried numerous times to contact tapjoy about not receiving reward points in game Design Home .
Tapjoy offers rewards for watching videos ( no rewards received for this ) and downloading apps and completing tasks .
I've done both and lately not receiving any rewards . I have occasionally on the past received some of my reward points for some tasks but not all.
Watching Videos do not have provisions for lodging a complaint. I've watched many videos and not received any rewards .
Apps I have downloaded, given proof I've completed tasks and been denied rewards ! Or not been able to lodge a complaint as no complaint button for that reward app.
There seems to be no easy way to contact tapjoy, it's comfusing and the ticket system doesn't work .
Can you please look into this as many people complain that they do not receive rewards and cannot contact tapjoy .

Dec 09, 2018

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