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I have 8-10 unanswered support requests for surveys that were all but completed when either server errors occurred or I was told the quota had been reached. Support requests have all been sent, and not a single one has been addressed. Well that destroys the entire concept of giving thoughtful and honest answers, because apparently you have to rush to get it done or you will get kicked off (but they'll still use the answers you gave). I have been afraid to even try to take any more surveys because there seemed to be no point - why, so I can submit another support request to add to my ever-growing pile to which no one ever responds?

They owe me close to 5, 000 diamonds at this point. And now I will not even be attempting to take surveys anymore, because their new updated privacy policy means I have to agree for them to sell my information to any shmuck they feel like, and I am still dodging calls from the last time they did that.

5 days ago - sent a request asking why none of my previous requests had been answered, have heard nothing.
8 days ago - I wasted 19 minutes of my time and had a progress bar at 80% when I was told the quota had been reached (609 diamonds).
11 days ago - I wasted my time AND my roommate's, who I had woken up to take the survey for me (because it asked for a male in the house to do it), when a server error occurred and we were unable to continue - no one has responded to this one either (609 diamonds).
12 days ago - I received a message saying "Thank you for your participation! That's all the questions we have for you, " but instead of being redirected to the completion page, I was redirected to the disqualification page - but my progress bar was essentially full (609 diamonds).
13 days ago - progress bar actually reached 100%, and I was taken to THREE separate pages thanking me for my participation and telling me my responses had been recorded, but was never redirected to the completion page and could not get to the end for some reason - this one still says INCOMPLETE, not disqualified, so that's another one I was cheated on (609 diamonds).
14 days ago - almost at the end when I was again told the quota had been reached, yet my responses were still recorded and used (609 diamonds).
14 days ago - advertised as an 11 minute survey, I spent 9 minutes completing it when I was told the quota had been reached again (609 diamonds).
20 days ago - received a disqualification message in error - I had reached the end of the survey, had been thanked for my participation, and clicked a button that said "Submit to finish" but was instead redirected to the disqualification page (609 diamonds).
21 days ago - an error occurred and I could not continue (609 diamonds).
25 days ago - submitted a request asking why my previous requests had gone unanswered (so there are many more that are older than this).

I could continue to list these because it seems as though the list has no end, but what is above should illustrate my point well enough. I also USED to have screenshots of my progress bars, but it has been so long since I have heard anything that I could not keep dozens of screenshots taking up the storage in my phone for an indefinite period of time. If they would ever respond in a timely manner, as in before a couple weeks have gone by, then I would have still had the proof that they ask us to have when we submit these requests. I cannot send them proof for which they never ask!

I am tired of being ripped off - I want the diamonds they already owe me so I can be DONE with these support requests and so I can be DONE with Tapjoy (their new privacy policy has driven me away completely). I have never been so systematically defrauded by a single company as I have by Tapjoy.

Tapjoy does not care about you, nor do they have any semblance of customer service or business ethics. The amount of time I have wasted giving them my thoughtful and honest opinion is extraordinary at this point, and it is shameful. I am honestly a little disgusted with myself for putting myself through this as much as I have. So please PLEASE, Tapjoy, just give me the fake digital game currency that you owe me so we can both go our separate ways. And yes, it is a video game currency, so why do they treat it as if they are losing real money by giving us what they have promised?

They should have been reported to the Better Business Bureau years ago. When I agree to take a survey, I am agreeing to give them the advertised amount of time answering thoughtfully and honestly IN EXCHANGE for the specified amount of diamonds. I am NOT agreeing to spend an increasingly exorbitant amount of time answering questions for you for free. That defeats the entire point of me taking the survey in the first place.

A desirable resolution would be to receive what I have earned. I want what they owe me so I don't have to deal with this frustration ever again, and in the future I will be sure to avoid anything that is associated with the Tapjoy name ever again because I am sure neither of us wants anything to do with the other at this point. And what a shame, because it really was a great concept to help enhance the game-playing experience, but all it has done is ruin the game for me and waste my time and effort every time they get the chance.

I will also be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from Tapjoy because they never fulfill their end of the agreements they make with their consumers.

Jun 20, 2017

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