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complaining about not receiving diamonds for completed offers

I've been playing covet fashion and when I need diamonds ii would try to earn them through tap joyoffers. Well I did about 60+ offers and completed all of them with valid proof & I didn't recieve any of the diamonds!!! I sent tapjoy emails about the situation and proof of all completed offersand they would sent me emails saying they closed my complaint because I haven't responded to them in 72hrs. So, after many emails to them and no resolution I decided to complain to the bbb & long story short I only received 5 of the 60+ completed offers for the diamonds! And even though I complained to the bbb tapjoy did not care what the bbb said either!
I even notified covet fashion about this and they still use them!!! I'm fed up with them !! I don't even play covet fashion anymore!

offers for game twdrts

For 7 months I haven't received an answer from support service, and after 7 months I received an answer that they can't help me. They are scamming with false game downloads that contain malwares and offers that are not rewarded in return. Definitely skip this company, really terrible experience.


I completed an offer through Tapjoy offerwall. The offer asked to download an app called deal dash which I did. Then to purchase a bid pack and place a bid. I purchased a biddidng package of 210 bids for $30.80. I sent proof of the purchase to Tapjoy in order to receive my 33, 000 diamonds. They still have not awarded me diamonds. I sent numerous emails, submitted numerous tickets and still no response. I would either like a refund or my 33, 000 diamonds from Tapjoy.

  • Updated by Priso JB · Jan 05, 2017

    You guys are ridiculous

  • An
    Andrewxxxxx Oct 27, 2016

    Hey can I have those screenshots
    Just for the fact that I want free in-game diamods

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The company states that'll you will receive "diamonds" (Covet cash) when you complete a survey/offers with them. I have plenty of deals that they did not fulfill their obligation. I contacted them numerous times but all I get is a computer generated response. When I reply back to it, I get the same message from the original email from them. It's maddening.

not receiving in game currency after completing an offer

This company are scammers. Their service does not work and when I sent them an email which I have done enough times they did not respond except for automated messages. They ignored my issue and then even closed an open case saying that I hadn't responded in 72 hours when I had sent them emails with evidence that I had completed offers which the automated message asked for. They need to be shut down, companies like this do not deserve to do business. Thank god I never spent a penny on it.

  • Je
    Jenn Marie Nov 20, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've complained to the BBB About tapjoy because i haven't received ANY OF MY DIAMONDS & when i complained to the BBB they (Tapjoy) only gave me back 5 of my completed offers for diamonds instead of all 60 completed offers for my diamonds! They truly do SUCK!!! They are liars, & Scammers! I've even complained to Covet Fashion about them & they still use them! They don't care either. I'M SO FRUSTRATED!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤

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look radiant in any light with cult

June 12 I purchased a product in Tapjoy. I was suppose to get 4800 diamond for covet fashion. I never received the diamond. I emailed enumerous times and I keep getting ignored by their poor customer service. They are liars and all they want is to steal from their customers. They even closed my ticket saying they never heard from me. I have emails to prove it. My email is [protected] the case is [protected]

tapjoy request [case [protected]] - get a free $5 gift card when you ea: ref:_00d30pf03. _50013uj2p9:ref

I am tired of Tapjoy ignoring my emails. I spent a considerable amount of time, effort, and a little money on an offer to obtain 500 Swagpoints, after which I was promised an award of 3360 diamonds on the game Dragon Soul. The promise was that after I reach 500 Swagpoints, i would receive the award in no later than 2hrs. Of course, again, I am sitting here with no reward. It has been 2 days and not one peep from the Tapjoy team, except an automated email asking for a screenshot, and the usual questions. I responded immediately, and not a peep from Tapjoy. I have sent 5 emails, and they still have not responded to one. Why does tapjoy exist if they're going to continue to ignore those who keep their establishment afloat?

Did I mention that I'm tired of Tapjoy ignoring my emails?
I'm pretty frustrated after spending long nights collecting 500 Swagpoints to complete the offer, and spending dollars of my money as well to aquire the Swagpoints.

Tapjoy...where are you?

offer completion

While I have had some success in getting some of the offers to pay out the promised in-game currency, The VAST majority of the offers are scams. The "download and run" offers work about 60% of the time. About 10% of all the others work. Some of the offers don't even attempt to appear to pay out real offers. A common one is the "insurance" offers (fill out form, receive quote.) They state immediately after traveling to the only link listed on the first page offer, that no rewards will be paid out, and to indicate that you have genuine interest in purchasing insurance. Regardless of your response, you are sent to the same page. No gold is EVER paid out on these offers. The "free sample" ones never pay out either, instead leaving you to an endless loop of sales pitches.

Here's the kicker though. Some of the apps state to collect you must provide valid information. Like an idiot, I did so, even my cell number. After I did this I started getting call after call from different companies. Some taunt you and harass you incessantly. They are actually threatening if you decline their scam over the phone. tapjoy clearly does no research into the companies that advertise through them. Or maybe they just don't care.

fraudulent advertising, non-payment of contract and refusal to communicate

I've used Tapjoy's rewarded advertising many times and sometimes the rewards are paid out, sometimes not. up until a few months ago, they've always been ok at communicating with me when somethings gone wrong. Recently I had completed several surveys which I was not paid for and they refuse to e-mail me back or even let on that I've made a complaint. I've taken to their Facebook page, Twitter and the San Fransisco area BBB, yet they still refuse to communicate. This company runs on rewarded advertising and they make money whenever I click on their ads. They offer rewards for this (even in the fine print) but their facebook page is full of complaints by people who have completed their part of the contract and have been waiting for weeks (sometimes months) for no resolution or even the slightest effort from the company to ease our concerns. This is a terrible way to do business. My personal problem started 2 weeks ago when I e-mailed them with no response except a ticket # sent by a robot mailer. They owe me for the work I completed and it's ridiculous that it's taking this long. my ticket # is [protected]. Thanks for your time

fraudulent behavior

Tapjoy routinely does not issue promised rewards unless you go to the trouble of taking and submitting screen shots and even then you may not get awards.

Shady practices such as offers that dead end, or "site not found" messages after you have submitted info such as e-mail or phone or other personal information.

Latest "scam" from tapjoy is sending e-mails stating that they have issued your awards, but the awards are not actually issued. Leaving you no where to go to dispute it as e-mail replies are ignored and automated systems are not set up to let you dispute award.

Itunes should take action or a lawyer should look into a class action - plenty of complaints - similar in nature - all around the web!

ten surveys - 0 rewards

I completed more than ten surveys through Castle Clash, never recieved the gems for those offers (totalling over 1, 000 gems now) so I submitted a missing gems claim, got an automated response that was very vague, 2 days later and I have sent them a semi-abusive email as a frustrated customer.
The companies within the surveys have already started handing my number out to third parties and I have received numerous calls (some from offers i didn't even apply for). I love how TapJoy earns money from generating leads by people like me, but not delivering on their promise or giving the rewards they offer. Pathetic service. Pathetic company, am currently in the process of taking this further, spreading it on social media, through my blog site, my forum, & through friends and other users :)

I think it's appalling that a company is willing to hand my details out without even supplying said rewards.
Do yourself a favor, don't waste your time, don't put your details in.

  • Rp
    Rpatten May 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    exactly how it is.

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  • Rp
    Rpatten May 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So they emailed me saying i had not responded within 72 hours, when in fact i emailed them daily complaining further about the appalling service.
    the closed the cases and labeled them as 'resolved'. How is ignorance resolving an issue?

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reward for offer completion not given

they have not given me my reward for completing a offer [Case [protected]]- Ladbrokes Betting, New Zealand & Au...

refused to honor offer

Tapjoy lists an offer to reward xx, xxx amount of diamonds if you purchase $30 worth of products from the...

vanishing rubies on farm town

I was awarded 13 rubies for completing a John Lewis survey on farm town. I completed an additional 1 ruby award for an achievement for swineherd I collected the 1 ruby reward for swineherd and ten rubies vanished which I was saving for cutting down trees on my next land purchase. The rubies just vanished went. No explanation from tapjoy they did nothing to explain why the rubies went missing

virtual credits

Tapjoy will have you visit an advertiser and have you give them information so that you might get virtual currency to use in mobile games. However when I have completed many of these offers (quotes for insurance ect) they do not give the credits. Even when you submit proof in the form of screenshots they do not give the credits. I have even shown them when I was charged for a free trial, they still said I needed proof to get my credits. These people will rip you off any way that they can. BEWARE, do not trust them or their advertisers.

missing diamonds

I play Covet fashion and signed up through Tapjoy to another website where if I spent £30 I would receive 21600 Diamonds. I have received nothing. I have filled in missing Diamonds form, emailed several times, wrote a massive letter of complaint, and even complained to the company I spent the money on, and Tapjoy have ignored me. Tapjoy can prove all transactions on their business platform that all these retailers etc used to sign up to Tapjoy to encourage more users etc. They are a joke. It's fraud, and will be reported as this. I also think every time they do not fulfill their part of the deal, we should officially complain to the business who expect them to get them customers. Bad press is bad for all.

  • Li
    Lisa Dee Apr 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I play covet as well... at least, I wanted to. Very few times have I had success at getting the 'diamonds' I have earned. Plus, will not allow me to take ANY quizzes/surveys any longer. I am disqualified for every one, which of course forces me to buy diamonds if I wish to play. I did not lie on the surveys I took, and having 6 children, you'd think I could answer a lot of questions. I love playing the game but I do not enjoy being seen as a patsy. I agree with you that fraudulent practices are afoot! If it's a pay for play game, fine, then say that. Lying about surveys, refusing to reward diamonds earned, and then disqualifying for no reason is false, and yes, I think fraudulent. Thanks for your input, I couldn't agree more.

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purposefully making the ticket process a joke.

I completed an offer from oyosports for 4k diamonds. Its been over 30 days, several run around emails, and a complete lack of accountability on tapjoy part. The ticket system is a complete joke. It took 10 days for someone to email me. The ticket app was bugged out for two days.. They keep asking for the same info. Once they realize that your not going to go away they stop trying to delay the ticket and either completely ignore you or defer your problem to the company that you did the offer for. They try and make it seem like the company who's offer you completed is responsible for giving you the currency they know you are due. They are just hoping you will go away. I'm reporting killjoy to the bbb. This is fraud, they are stealing from people. This is the same method they use on everyone that i've talked to who's had to open a ticket for currency. I can not count how many times i've sent over all the required information... At least 5 times... !!! Now they said they'll pass it on to oyo sports to verification. Which they've already said they'd do twice. They try and act like they can't release currency... What a joke.

kill shot bravo

I completed one of Tapjoy's offers on Kill Shot Bravo for Gold Bars on Glossy Bingo, it's now been 48 hours + and after contacting Kill shot bravo help desk(who are Hopeless)and 3 e mails to Tapyoy and 1 private message on Facebook guess what nothing, I wish I had checked before taking out one of there SCAMS because that's exactly what they are SCAMS if you have any sense check all the feedback on Tap joy and then still don't do any of there offers !!!

  • Te
    Teddy Mihaylov Jan 20, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same here did lots of games and offers and nothing,
    this company is a scam

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  • Ro
    Ronald Bassi Mar 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am on the same boat. Completed 4 offers and spent over $200 doing so. It's been 9 days now and all I get from them is a generic email asking for receipts that were already provided on the original complaint. I have already reported to the BBB. I suggest that everyone who is having trouble to file with the BBB so their rating gets dropped from an "A" to a "C". Maybe then they will start to notice. For a company that has 100 million revenue a year you would think that they will have enough people on staff to handle customer service issues.

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  • Ba
    Badhippie Jun 11, 2016

    I agree I had 6 claims with Tapjoy for over 48 days I sent countless emails regarding the claims one email per claim with the code these amounted to a little over 3800 gold bars. After 48 days Tapjoy finally emails me wanting a screen shot of the process for every claim. Tapjoy knowing nobody would have that info because it's not in the terms of use to have that info. So far they paid the small claims total of 276 gold. But the bigger ones received email that said these cases are closed due to no action in last 72 hrs. Tapjoy is a real work of art they are not a Company They are nothing more then a bathroom stal with ### all over

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  • Le
    Lee Van Hanslip Aug 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been 'using' Tapjoy now for several years to collect game rewards for both Kill Shot and Kill Shot Bravo.
    I use the term 'using' loosely, as I have had so many problems with the app over that time it has come to a point where I simply try at all costs to not use it.
    Unfortunately Hot Head, the makers of the game, still use Tapjoy and no other company in order for players like me to acquire in game rewards. Of course, there is an option to purchase gold in game, but the costs of that are simply astonishing when compared to real life costs. This predicament leaves someone with my income no choice but to attempt some tapjoy rewards from time to time.
    How this company has managed for such a prolonged period to keep operating with such poor support, and what appears to be falsely advertised cons, is just amazing. I've complained so much during my time having to use this app that I thought it was about time to complain in a different way. Not to complain direct to Tapjoy, to try and get rewards which are rightfully mine anyway, but to try and get my voice heard by an authority which can stop this sham from happening altogether. Hopefully someone with legal knowledge and ability to sort this is reading all these complaints, and Tapjoy can finally get what they deserve.

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  • Fu
    Furstzurakus Feb 13, 2017

    Im in the same boat. 800+ gold owed to me.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mains Nov 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same issue with me. I donated $18 to help the children fund and was due over 1, 700 gold and now I am gong back and forth with them. I have enough proof, bank statements, etc...but still no gold. I think this is a ripoff company and will report to consumer complaints. It's really not about the money it's the principal that I/we are getting ripped off. I sure hope the money goes to the kids

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  • Jh
    Jhanz Salido Dec 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I finish the task in world war rising still not received the reward

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tapjoy with covet fashion

I have completed an offer on Covet Fashion via Tapjoy, but I havent received the reward yet, it has been more than 20 days since I completed the offer. I have sent all the proof asked by the agent and yet they seem to be ignoring my mails. I have mailed them several times and all the time they seem to ask me the issue all over again. Its really not such a big issue that Tapjoy is finding hard to resolve. Really Pathetic and Horrific experience from the customer care.

covet fashion diamonds missing

I have completed an offer via Tapjoy some more than 20 days back and I haven't received the reward I was supposed to get. I have sent all the proof asked by their agent 10 days ago and still they are not able to resolve my issue, which is really not an issue. I have sent them several mails and messages but everytime they log a new ticket. They reply only once and after that I see all the new person and I have to explain them the issue all over again. Really horrific and pathetic experience from Tapjoy. NOT WORTH IT !!!

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