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I would like to make a complain on the service level of Nissan Baik Pusat Baik Pulih Badan & Cat in Seremban. I was told my car repairs would be done within 2 weeks. Three weeks lapsed and after calling at my own effort to check, I was told no work has even been started because one for repair part i.e exhaust 'has not come'. I had left the car at this centre on 26th April 2018 i.e 5 weeks.

Here is the chronology of event:

Car sent to Nissan: 26th April 2018
MSIG Insurance received claim notification: 3rd May
MSIG approves claim: 14th May
Checked with Nissan on 14th May and adviced that ordering of repair-parts: 3-4 days from 14th May
Nissan said repairs to complete within 2 weeks plus 3-4 days above: 2nd June (3 weeks as I gave extra fews days just in case there is any delay)

During the 3 weeks, I did not call or what so ever, expecting compliance to high standards of work and work flow within given time frame for a reputable company like Nissan.

On 4th June, I called to check if I could get my car back since it has been 3 weeks. I was told no repair-work has been even started because exhaust has not been received and it would even take after Hari Raya which is on the 16th June ( I need to use the car for Raya holidays for a long distance journey).

There was no initiatives from Nissan to notify your client about the delay until I called. The loss of having to lose my NCD to a mishap (that was not my mistake on 7th April 2018) coupled with such low competency by Nissan is really a put off. Having no car to use 9 weeks for not so major accident (claim of about RM 5k plus) is unrealistic.

My car Reg. No.: JPF 1301
Model: Nissan Teane 2.50

Please look into the matter urgently!

Tan Chong Motor Holdings

Jun 04, 2018

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