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Tampa Electric (Teco) / Utility Over charging

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Tampa Electric (TECO)
My electric bill increased by more than $100 from $167 to $273 in one billing cycle while my electricity use remained the same, or less, during the period. I actually spent $8, 500.00 to update and replace my entire HVAC system in my home in order to save on electricity and to lower my utility bills. I don't understand how the utilities can simply overcharge customers without cause.


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A  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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That is because the first rate increase has already taken effect as of the beginning of the year. That is what I was told by a representative of Teco via phone.
N  14th of Sep, 2009 by 
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They could not get into by back yard and they back billed me over $1, 000. I live in a smal house and work over 40 hrs wk, am never home to use the amount of power they are billing me for. In the first place my bill is over $200 mo.
N  14th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I am facing the same problem. We (two people) live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath cinderblock house. No pool, extra nothing. We move in a year ago with $145 bill mo. We lock our back yard up because we have a dog. So our bill goes up and up and I request a digital meter, now I am leaving my back yard unlocked for installment. 5 months go by unlocked. No installment. Bill keeps getting higher. I call to find out why this happening. The rap tells me ways to save energy (lower A/C, change bulbs etc.) Okay went to home depot, tried out a few things. Bill keeping coming in ^. I'm upset, we are a young couple, not too much extra money to support. I call again, speak to a rep and she tells me because my gate is locked they have to estimate (its not locked!) and to check the local weather. They estimate that we've turned up our A/C to accommodate. NO we keep it at a constant 78-90 degrees, remember our power saving tip? $436.56 for August 2009.
Here's the kicker. We checked the mail today and guess what, current balance $1, 125.38 Sep 2009 334 kWh per day. They said they got in to the back yard and read the meter and they are back billing us for all the time they couldn’t get to the meter. So let’s do this. Say our regular bill was $225 monthly. They said they back billed us $900 since May. That would tack on an about $225 more each month. However you do the math it is not right. I've set up a payment plan for an additional $100 tacked to each bill for the next 9 months. What the F! I am just putting in my two cents. This is criminal!

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