TAG Heuervenezuelan local tag heuer office/issue with the service delivered

Hello, I am a tag heuer fanatic and I own 4 watches already for my perssonal use and for my wife too.
The case is the following: I went to the venezuelan local tag heuer service office with the idea to buy the crystal and the bisel for my wife's watch, because the age of the watch, just trying to renovate it for my wife's anniversary. I was delivered with a local form indicating the type of service I did required. I. E. Change the crystal and bisel. Some weeks ahead I received a budget for some parts to be changed, which I assumed was for the parts changing, what I was asking for, I approved it for repair paying the 50% required. But uppps!!... It was an internal office error and I received a wrong budget and the process was continued. When I arrived to the office to pick up the watch my surprise was what the watch was in the same conditions I delivered to them. I. E, never was changed the crystal and the bisel what was my original request. This internal confussion of tag heuer local office had for me a problem with my wife for her anniversary gift. Mrs. Office head mrs ligeia castillo took the decision to give me back the money I paid, which is ok, but now and do not get my wife's watch repaired, and the parts required for me were delivered to another customer, as mrs castillo told me the parts I required are out stock, so now I have to wait until parts become available, generating to me higer cots, because the rate $/bolivars has changed dramatically, and all caused this for a local error with my budget.

I am asking you guys to provide to me with the local prices for the parts (When its become available) by the time I was requesting it, because it was an internal error of your local office and is not fear to pay for the new prices rates. We do not have a free $/bolivars conversion, the government controls the $/bolivars convertibility.
If you require any other information please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks

Mr. Gustavo ruiz
@guruiz on twitter

May 17, 2017

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