Systems And Services Technologies / shady practices

NY, United States

This company should be put out of buisness immediatly and I agree with a class action lawsuit. I pay my rv loan on time I have bank receipts proving the payments but they always say I am 30 days overdue. They cant seem to figure out how to read a calander and they have fuzzy math. My loan was bought out by this # company from bank one. I had no issues with bank one until this un fit company bought out the loans. Its been hell like everyone else is stating and they do call neighbors, work, parents sisters brothers cousins whatever. They dont care and they are poorly trained and extremely rude and very un professional. If anyone knows someone who has a legal action and wants me to sign on I am all for it. Do not do buisness with this company!!! They constantly ask where to rv is I say its here and there and if u are so good at finding things go find it. They cant... I agree with the person stating finding criminals etc and they would end up finding themselves.

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