Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / fraud sweepstakes notices

Dallas, TX, United States
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In the last year, I have received several letters from a rich, L., And other names, but all with the last name of Brady.. Each of these letters say I'm eligible to claim 12, 000, 000.00 if I send $5 for processing fees. The claim number assigned is document # [protected] due by 5/27/2017. They claim they don't want to take anything away from your rewards, but need a processing fee cover the costs of making you edible for this, or larger amounts outlined in their policy, and strict edibility response dates. Would love for this company located p.o. box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354. Please ignore any request via email, and via mail from this company, because it's a scam.

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau

May 6, 2017

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