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I've made a formal complaint against Swarovski complaining against the store rep and the store manager. Although I made my voice heard from the Regional Retail Manager of Western Canada Ifti and to the Director of Retails Natalie, Swarovski has considered the mattered closed now even though I still have no idea as to why the mishap occurred, who is the culprit, what is the disciplinary action, and whether Swarovski can avoid this kind of incident that ruined people's celebrations in the future. I'm no going to make my wife cry again (nor do I want to go to the police station) so I will never go to Swarovski in the future, and I hope that you will never have the bad experience as I do.


PS. Please feel free to share your Swarovski "stories"

Hi there,

This is a formal complaint against Swarovski, as my wife walked into the Richmond Center store (BC, Canada) happy and excited on my birthday, but end up crying on her way out and visited the police station. Not to mentioned that the visit has turned from a 30 minutes visit to 3+ hours. Is this the customer experience that Swarovski wants others to experience? Please give me a satisfy response. Thanks!

I’ll start from the beginning.

My birthday was on June xx, and my wife was hunting for my birthday present in May. After discussing with a friend of her (Xxx Xxx, member # xxx-xxx-xxx), she decided to give Swarovski a try and see if she can pick up a watch for the beginning of June, she visited the Richmond Centre South store (1574 A-6651 No. # Road, Richmond, BC, Canada), and the customer rep Brian showed her a couple of watches (Octea Lady Cry/Sts 999975, and Octea Sport Cry/Sts White 999981), one as my birthday present and one for herself. My wife loved the watches, and decided to order it for my birthday present. She paid the deposit on 6/11, and the remaining amount on 6/18 after she got the watches (invoice # xxxx and xxxx for Store No 037A 1). Since adjustment was needed to ensure a good fit for the watches, my wife planned that she would give the gift to me as a surprise gift on my birthday (6/xx) by bringing me to the store, adjusting the watch for fitness to my waist, and presenting me my birthday present at the same time. Although Brian did indicated that he may not be around the store that day, he said that it is only logical for Swarovski to have someone who can adjust the watch for me on my birthday.

So, my wife brought the watches and me to the Swarovski store on 6/xx around 5pm, all excited and happy walking in, told me that she’s going to give me this pretty Swarovski watch, and asked a store rep to adjust the watch for us. This is where I uncovered numerous mistakes/errors by Swarovski as the company, its policy, management, and staff. Jackie was the store rep to greet us. After listening to what our goal was, she said that there was no one in the store that had the skill to adjust the watch for us at that moment, as the store manager (Eileen) ended her shift about an hour ago, and both herself and the other staff in store were new staff and were not equipped with the skills to adjust watch. Error #1: Is it Swarovski’s policy that customer won’t be able to purchase watch, adjust watch, and leave on the same hour/day? Or is it management’s fault in either not slotting a skillful staff in the store for this purpose, or in not providing sufficient/appropriate training to staff to adjust watch?

My wife was not happy to say the least, as she was unable to present the birthday present to me. So we spent the next 45 minutes discussing with Jackie as to what she/we can do in here to solve the situation, and Jackie said that nothing can be done on that day originally, as we’ll have to come back at a later time. As my wife and I have a combined 20+ years of work experience including retail, we did not take the NO as the final answer as there are numerous things that she could do. So we proposed to her that she could called the manager back to adjust our watch, or reimburse us for the expense since there are numerous watch-selling stores in Richmond center which could adjust my watch right away – it’s only fair that I could buy a watch from Swarovski and wear it right away, isn’t it? The first 15 minutes Jackie just said that there’s nothing can be done – seems like she doesn’t want to create any trouble or put in any (extra) effort at the expense of customer satisfaction. After our insistent, she finally tried to phone Eileen the store manager but she is unable to get a hold of Eileen. My wife and I insisted further, and after spending 45 minutes in the store, Jackie finally agrees to call others who know how to adjust the watch, phoned Brian (on his off day), and after I discussed with Brian he agreed to come to the store in 30 minutes. My wife was more than mad at that point already, on my birthday, but if the goal is reach in the next 30 minutes and we could walked away with the watches adjusted in another 45 minutes, that’s “okay” – definitely not a great experience already won’t you agree, as we had in numerous occasion during our discussion with Jackie that we would refund the watches (and she didn’t care too much anyway – probably she won’t receive any commission either way?)

(I’ve also asked Jackie who’s fault is it to create this situation, is it Brian telling us that someone should be available to adjust the watch for us? Jackie said no. Is it her fault for not knowing how to adjust, or not knowing how to deal with the situation? She said no. Is it the store manager’s fault for not slotting a skill employee, she said no. Is it Swarovski’s fault for not having a store policy to ensure customer can buy a watch, have the watch adjust right after the purchase, and walk away happy with the watch? She said no. At the end, Jackie was implying that it was my wife and I’s fault that was causing this trouble. I asked her is it my wife and I that are at fault for this situation, and this time she didn’t say no… Although she may not be the “cause” for this issue, she had definitely added oil to fire and made us more mad, instead of calming us down. Shouldn’t all customer rep has training as to how to deal with difficult customer?)

So my wife and I walked away from Swarovski and spent the next 30 minutes in other store – actually only one – the Body Shop. On our way back to Swarovski however, my wife was wondering whether she has lost the watches in Body Shop, as she was holding 2-3 other bags, and she had to put down the bags to try the samplers in Body Shop, and she was not carrying the Swarovski bag out our Body Shop trip. We gone back to Body Shop and didn’t find anything, so I told her that we probably left the watches in Swarovski as we would need to go back anyway so it’s likely that we left the watches at Swarovski. When we got to Swarovski, we were greeted by Brian, we told him about the missing watches, he asked Jackie and the other store clark who said that they haven’t seen the watch right away, and Brian reported back to us. We asked Brian to check the back of the store, and Brian got Jackie to go inside to check, and, after spending 5 seconds in the back, Jackie reported back and say she doesn’t have our watches. Fear stroke my wife as she was certain that she has lost both watches that costs about $2000 (when she put down the bags in body shop for trying out the samplers and someone may have stole it). My wife panic, and I tried to calm her down without much success. Brian volunteered to go back to Body shop with us and check again, without success. Then Brian and the Body Shop store clerk both went to the security office to lodge a case with Richmond Center (with almost no chance of recovery). The next step is to file a case with the police, and before we moved, I asked Brian whether if it is possible for him to get me the receipts again and the watches’ model number etc which would be helpful in the police file #. Brian said yes, the 3 of us gone back to the Swarovski store, and Brian printed me the receipts (invoice # xxxx and xxxx). All these were done while my wife was crying inside the store. By the time we walked out of Swarovski at 7:30pm, she’s devastated, with most of her makeup gone thanks to the tears.

So my wife and I got to the police station and file a case with the Richmond RCMP (file # 2010-xxxxx). Just when I was finished the details and the cop finished the data entry, Brian phoned my wife and let her know that he found the watches in the store. I was shocked. My wife was shocked. Brian said that since the store/mall closed already by now (just before 8pm), he won’t be able to adjust the watch for us on that day (6/xx my birthday), but he would definitely made himself available starting Thursday anytime. Now that we had “recovered” the watch, we were happy (although we don’t care too much by that point already, as you can probably imagined why). But it’s a happy ending at least in the eyes of the cop, so we closed the RCMP file, and gone home.

When my wife and I got to Swarovski on Thursday 6/xx, both Brian and the store manager Eileen were there, and the service was excellent.

So the million dollar question is, how come Jackie didn’t find the watch in the store when asked initially, even after her spending 5 seconds looking at the back of the store? How did Brian managed to find it afterward? Error #2: Clearly, Jackie doesn’t understand what is it mean by providing good customer service and customer experience…either she had not received proper training previously (management’s fault or corporate policy’s), she is un-trainable after the training but Swarovski still decide to give her a try at the expense of sacrificing its commitment to excellent customer experience, or she just doesn’t care about the customers and won’t spend the extra effort in trying to hunt down the watches for us despite she knows how much the watches mean to us and despite that fact that she saw my wife was mad and crying.

So at the end of the day, my wife and I had, after spending almost $2000 on the Swarovski watches to get both the quality products and the excellent customer care, have to spent 4 hours not including extra travelling to adjust the watch (3 hours on 6/xx and an additional hour on 6/xx for the actual watch adjustment), had panic attack, fear, guilt, madness, and sad-tears during my birthday when it suppose to be filled with happiness and excitement, received unhelpful customer services from Swarovski despite spending $2k since we thought that the Swarovski was supposed to be trust-worthy, reliable, and care for its customers, and even ended up visited the RCMP station. So my question is, is this how Swarovski wants its customers to be treated? My wife has banned the 2 of us for going into Swarovski again until further notice. I also talked to Xxx Xxx, one of your member, about this event and he’s definitely shocked to hear our experience, told us that he will never go to the Richmond Swarovski store again, and is contemplating on whether to renew his membership when his is up, and thinking whether he should spread the word to his (member) friends so others won’t have to deal with this type of sadness and craziness in the future. Is there anything Swarovski would like to say in this instance, before I passed the above-mentioned words and experience to our friends? Please let me know if you do. Thanks for your help in answering my questions toward Swarovski!

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  • Ct
      Dec 12, 2010

    I think you`re just blowing things out of proportion. Sure, I understand that you want to wear your watch the day you receive it, which is your birthday, but that doesn`t mean Swarovski needs to cater to your wants and needs. As you said, the manager had left about an hour before your arrival. How is Swarovski supposed to know when you and your wife decide to show up to receive & adjust your watch? The manager is not going to stand around waiting for you, nor is she going to keep a specialized watch repair person or an experienced employee for a long 8-hour shift (or whenever the store is open) if she doesn`t need the employee, JUST to wait for you and your wife. Furthermore, you think that Swarovski should provide appropriate training to their employees. This is completely fair. HOWEVER, Swarovski is an international brand: the quality of their products is superb. To learn to adjust a watch may sound really simple, but actually may take many years of experience and extreme detail to perfect this skill, to allow each and every customer to receive a perfectly adjusted watch, in perfect condition, which is what Swarovski strives to achieve.
    Also, have you ever considered the fact that the employees were on probation period, or that they may be just seasonal employees? Would you feel comfortable with an employee who just went through training to use your birthday watch as a guinea pig in practicing watch adjustments? If the employee accidentally damaged your watch, or therefore your 2k, then I`m sure you would be just as, if not more, upset.
    I think it is completely fair that not ALL employees are trained specifically for every Swarovski task. In fact, I think it is completely logical that the manager, or one person who is experienced and specialized in watch/product adjustments is knowledgeable in this area and able to provide service to you.
    If you think about it from the shoes of Swarovski, they have done nothing wrong in terms of store or company policy. If you thought the employees were being rude, please take a minute (or two) to reflect on how demanding you and your wife has been. Sure, it was your birthday and you wanted it to be all happy and such but seriously. If Swarovski is unable to adjust your watch on your birthday, why are you letting it ruin your day? Isn`t it the thought that counts when you receive a gift? Swarovski had already offered another day you could come in and get it adjusted, why couldn`t you have continued on with your birthday knowing that your wife has given you a beautiful gift, and revisit Swarovski together with your wife on a different day to get your watch adjusted?
    With the watches disappearing...your wife is pretty forgetful if she doesn`t remember where she put two Swarovski watches worth $2000...If it was me, I would have made a conscious decision or a mental note to remember if I left them in the Swarovski store or taken them with me. If you and your wife are rational, logical human beings, I dare say you would have made the same decision. In that essence, store employees have no responsibility over YOUR purchases, since you had already paid for them. Sure, it may seem ridiculous that they couldn`t find the watches originally, another employee in the store could have put them in a different location in the back of the store for safekeeping. It could have just been a miscommunication between the staff, where one employee knows where it is and another one doesn`t realize that 1) the customer had left their purchases in the store, and 2) another employee had moved them to another location to keep them safe. They are keeping YOUR $2k purchases safe and you are blaming them for it?!
    Overall, I think your reaction is completely, utterly over the top and could have been resolved in a much simpler and straightfoward way if you and your wife were more understanding that Swarovski employees are human beings too, and they have their own lives. The rest of the world doesn`t need to revolve around you just because it`s just your birthday.

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  • Jo
      Jan 21, 2011

    More people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions. Your wife spends 2000 on a watch, and does not remember where she put it down, but it is the clerks fault for not spending the time to look for it. And it is unbelievable for you to expect an employee to come back to their job just because you decide to pick up your watch at that time. If it was so important for you to have the watch sized on that day, you should have been pro-active and called the store to see if it would then be possible, and I am sure the manager would have waited for you. it is extremely selfish for you to expect the employees to revolve their lives around you, without any consideration from you towards the employees.

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  • Ko
      Jun 11, 2014

    All this is due to your overly high expectations of how businesses are run, just because you have been in retail for 20 years obviously doesn't mean anything, the only thing it does pose is that you have not learnt anything about real-life retail or did not have a high position to oversee how difficult it truly is. The only shop that would meet your expectations are the ones in your dreams mate.
    Your wife and yourself not remembering where these watches were placed has nothing to do with Swarovski, they are not there to mother you just because you spent a few dollars in their store, they are not indebted to you in any way but follow their guidelines of customer service procedures and if I was Jackie I would be tempted to make you eat my fist, you were rude and utterly irrational, a right royal pain in the ###.

    Swarovski's customer service have always been top one in every city and store that I have been to, no matter if I buy products worth £3, 000 or £20 or came in wearing designer clothes or home scuffs.

    In conclusion, you are a nightmare customer, a serial whiner and illogically selfish. Only thing that remains that annoys me about you is that you will never learn your lesson and you will always have your nose so high thinking everyone else is not as good as you and your dim wife. Life lesson; you are no one special and will not get any special treatment just because it's your birthday. Absolute idiots.

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