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I belong to since 1996. It was a free business listing. I never updated it forgot all about it. I got very sick and couldn't keep up with the business anymore. I was contacted early this year while I was just diagnosed with MS and under treatment. The sales person lead me to believe this was a trial upgrade. I told them I didn't want to upgrade, I couldn't do any business. They went on and on and I really was feeling bad and don't recall much of it. I didn't realize I was giving authorization for 12 months. I was to believe it was a month to month offer. They also have my old address from 12 years ago. Ask me to verify it, which I must have just to get them off my back. They said they would send the rest of the papers explaining the service.

The couldn't send anything there. I never receive a bill or written contact explaining anything. I did receive I think a phone message about the mail address not working and they needed at updated one. I just forgot about it. Why would they bill someone at a business address that was bouncing back.

I got contacted today by collections about this account which I don't even remember. What business would continue to run an advertisement for a business that didn't exist. All I been getting from these running of their ad is spam. I was wondering why that email address was receiving so much of it.

I call and they said they had my authorization on the phone. I told her I was very sick and didn't even know what she was talking about. I asked her where she got a 12 year old address. She said from me. And I told her no you didn't. I know it was from a free listing that started 12 years ago. She said I could cancel by fax so the wouldn't auto-renew my account. I told her to terminate it now. I will send my fax tomorrow. I am disputing this claim. I will dispute under duress and get my doctors statement if necessary.

Don't do any business with these people. I seen the other complaints in here. You don't need the headache.

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  • Mi
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    I too was scammed by these ###. I signed up for their 'free' listing only to be billed, at the wrong address for a year and half to the tune of $1900.00. I paid them after they sent it to collections to protect my good credit. I'm now trying to confirm that they have indeed canceled the account. Their phone reps say yes but they "can't be sure unless you speak with the billing dept.". Of course you can't reach the billing dept.

  • Br
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    I totally agree!

    For over a year now, I have been receiving charges for my account. The problem is, I canceled my account over a year ago. So, I have called them numerous times about this. They always tell me that they have resolved the issue, and that I should not expect to see further charges.

    Idearc Media (Super Pages) continue to send me bills for this cancelled account. I highly recommend that you don't use Super Pages at all! I cannot believe that a company related to Verizon is this sleezy! By the way, we are a business. If you're a business, don't work with Super Pages. Use Google or Yahoo directly!


    Brian Jardine
    Creative Director

  • Bo
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Superpages promised an awful lot and used high pressure sales tactics. Once subscribed they have an auto-renew plan that is one of the most difficult to get out of.

    Also, they sent us a bill for the printed version of Verizon Yellow Pages stating that our payment was overdue. We never asked for that product. Luckily we did not submit payment, but now are wanting out of our contract due to this scam tactic.

    Since then it has become a nightmare to cancel, we have been redirected to several departments and several dead-ends. Finally I reached a salesperson that is stalling my continued requests that I do not want to be subscribed. However, he just stalled on the issue, stating that he is going to "research" the issue. He also promised to get back to me, which he did not do as promised.

    We are collecting information and submitting it to our district attorney, postmaster general, and FTC.

    I strongly advise steering clear as far as possible from Verizon, Superpages, and Idearc.

    These companies are all using scams, high-pressure tactics, outside contracted sales reps, renewing subscriptions that are difficult to revoke, and redirection when trying to cancel. STAY AWAY from this pack of wolves.

  • Mi
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    I agree! I went through the same thing, but... I read on here that someone suggested contacting the Better Business Burea. I have tried to get my bill cleared up for months but when I sent a complaint to the BBB and emailed to customer service, then they answered me finally. Dont let lethme take your hard earned money, stand up for your right. Customer Service Email:

  • Ll
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    contact the state attorney general

  • Ja
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    Hello...we are a professional group of scientists and engineers, offering specific services for a specified area in the country., formerly owned by Verizon, claims we have had, over the last few months since we signed up, 1000s of "clicks". YET WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE CALL! NOT ONE!! WATCH OUT. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. OUT OF TWO INQUIRIES, WE USUALLY GET ONE JOB, BECAUSE OUR SERVICES ARE SPECIALIZED. But from!!!


    Take my advise, DON'T SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE.

    Jack Akin, MS, PE, BioScape Technologies

  • Pa
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    i filed a civil claim against Idearc Media LLC/Jennifer L. Swann. The case number is SC11C0013202 It would be nice if you could send a letter to Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Place 1, Judge Dale Gorczynski, 7300 N. Shepherd, room 138, Houston, Texas 77091-2437 and give your experiences with this company and their tactics. I have gone to his court before and know he will read the letters and have an understanding on the complaints.

    Thanks, Patrick David Rawls

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