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Superior Power Sports / fraud

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Okey here's the deal.. I spoke with 4 different sales people prior to making a purchase. Tim, Jacob, Emily, and Timothy. Timothy sold me 2 150cc scooters and insisted I purchase the extra PDI tune up and crate for a better shipping experience.

They had taking about 2 weeks to arrive ( fair enough) from time of payment and allowing a 7-8 day waiting period for them to prepare for shipment. Timothy also said that when they arrive all we need to do is put gas in them as they would be ready - set - go... NOT TRUE AND HERE'S WHY

Once delivered the colors were exact as i ordered ( red and orange ). They arrived on a palet with just the standard cardboard covers with the cheap steel shipping frames that come from china. Lucky i was as they arrived in pretty good cosmetic condition. Of course at this point i was looking at the scooters on the truck as the driver was removing the cardboard so he could handle them better.

Upon inspection and removing the scooters from the steel frames, i noticed a front tire/wheel was damaged along with the luggage racks on BOTH scooters where paint was chipped off. THEY DID NOT MAKE A SPECIAL CRATE LIKE I PAID FOR AND I PAID 300.00 EXTRA FOR 2 SCOOTERS TO BE IN SPECIAL CRATES.

OH !!! It gets worst, , so then i start checking the mechanics that they promised ( PDI TUNE UP ). THE SPARK PLUGS WERE NOT REPLACED WITH NGKS AND BOTH SCOOTERS WERE UNDER 1 PINT OF OIL. ( capacity should be just under a quart when full). I should of NEVER HAD TO DO THIS because i paid SUPERIOR POWERSPORTS the addtionall fees for the Tune up!! All the tires had about 8pds of air and should be about 30psi.

Its been about 10days since delivery and still NO TITLE and when i call they keep Lying like they do so well.

I filed the online Damaged Parts Claim Monday April 2, 2012 for the tire/wheel replacement and still waiting on a Return shipping label.

If you purchase from SUPERIOR POWERSPORTS you will most likely have big issues with how they handle customers and that is hoping/praying your item arrives safely. FOLKS... it is a horrible experience and we were going to tell our friends about possibly buying from them. NO WAY !!! We're also considering filing claims with the BBB and the calf AT General.

One more piece of info TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING and right from the Truck it arrives in. we did..!!

I will also come back here and do a follow up.

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  • Dy
      8th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I was another sps casualty
    As they charged me for supposed p. d. i. that was never done
    The left mirror was broken, as was theleft turning signal (front)
    It did not need a bulb but was a $100.00 electrical problem.
    Their "service dept." is a joke as they try and put you off for the 2
    Months you have a supposed warrentty, there was green oil in the crankcase and rear end and window waser fluid in place of antifreeze in engine, there was no ngk plug installed as they say only a chinese garbage one as fuses end caps came right off io your hand, no tool kit as promised no free gas card as promissed, 8 scrache's total between l&r side they treat you like a king until they get your ccard info then your #. the yy250c still shakes like hell at 10 mph and guys that delivered it just dropped it in middle of my ally evan though I had 1/2 of the garage clear (I got a $150.00 ticket from chicago police for blocking ally. and the guys in rental truck (ryder) coulden't get the tail gate open and wanted to use my tools and left with a few as they wanted to get out of there b4 I opened box/crate these are crooks and you will be dissapointed if you by from them. I picked them as they were not the highest price or not the lowest but in between. never again/live and learn, but it really makes you feel like an idiot.
    Dylan caamano
    Chicago il 60651

  • Cu
      28th of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes

    If only I had seen the reviews before buying from them! my story is no different: placed the order online. the amount was charged to our credit card before we even got an order confirmation or shipping confirmation. I had to call numerous times to find out where it was and received the same line as other folks, "oh, we're sorry, somehow it wasn't processed yet." we finally got the gokart and it had broken, defective and wrong parts. sent in pictures of missing paint, broken lens, two different tires, rear axle needing rethreading. no response. called and was put on hold... forever!!! no response from messages or emails. they do not live up to their claims of "customer satisfaction guaranteed" and are definitely in the category
    Of "deceptive trade practices." we are now in the process of purchasing replacement parts because they will not honor their warranty either.

  • Da
      28th of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I and. anyone who has bought from sps all have similar problems
    I had the xtra pdii also and nothing was done, cheap plug and fuses
    Chrome ends of fuses were coming off and scooter not starting green oil in
    Crankcase and rear end window fluid instead of anti - freeze broken mirrors
    Had. shake/ rumble at 10 mph that felt like bike was coming apart promo gas card never came and title came 6 weeks later and the #s filled out my info. on title so if I just wanted to dump it I would have to pay all the taxs title change etc. at dmv. these people are crooks and ought tone shut down. a. s. a. p.

  • St
      16th of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I too have been recently victimized by these scoundrels. I purchased 3 atvs from them in dec 2013, took a month to recieve, after they lied to me and said they were shipped, although they could not provide me with tracking number. when I finally recieved them, all three were damaged. one so ssevere its too dangerous to use. that same one also hasa damaged vin plate which appears to be altered, in violation of federal law, when I explained that to "Brenda" she basically told me i was wrong. as far as the other damage, its the run around backed by policies designed to hurt the consumer.I have recently posted a youtube video entitled superior powersports suck.I also filed complaints with the BBB of which they have an "F" rating and a complaint with If anyone is interested im also interested in filing a class action lawsuit agasint these lowlifes.

  • Nv
      22nd of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I bought a taotao 150 bws from superior that has sat in my garage now for 5 days because the dvd instructional video that came with it is for a completely different model and has little to no bearing on mine.
    What kind of trickery is this? what good is this video that has no audio and doesn't tell anything at all about the bws?
    So extremely frustrated and angry that I spent all that money on something with no way of putting it together correctly. seriously disappointed!
    Total scam artists.

  • Je
      22nd of Oct, 2015
    +2 Votes

    This people should be taken out of business. they are sometimes rude on the phone, never call back when you leave them messages, and the worst part their product is not as expected.. its not worth the money buying from these people. when I filed my claim it took for ever to be approved. please save yourself head aches and do not buy from this people! now I see why people complaint so much about this company, because after they take the charge from your card, they don't give a good customer service. overall it has been the worst experience ever, will not be making business with them for sure.

    This people should be shamed of themselves

  • Me
      22nd of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    i would be happy to do a class action with you . you can contact me at 7028170751.

  • Ad
      1st of Sep, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Do. not. buy. from. this. company. they scam people out of good money and couldn't care less. I have emails to corroborate everything that has happened. trying to summarize this: I bought a tao tao 50 cc moped 02/2015 and to date, have problems with it. now, every time i've called, I spoke to a man named gio. he is the most disrespectful person i've ever talked to. when I first got the vehicle, it was already damaged. I tried to start it and noticed a dripping coming from the engine. I looked to find out the fuel line had been cut open. I called the very same day I received the vehicle and was told by gio "it happens during shipping. the company is not responsible" after a few brief moments, I said "fine, it is damaged, but this won't void my warranty right? I don't think I should pay to fix a brand new vehicle, but I just want my warranty intact" gio confirmed that my warranty would be fine. so I went and did just that. about 2 months later, the vehicle had more problems. it would start but slowly go down to idle, and then shut off. I called the company again, and once again go gio and he said "it's because it's so cold where you are, let the engine warm up and you'll be fine" so I did just that. on an 83 degree day, I let my engine warm up, which is ridiculous. it continued to have problems and for the next three months, I tried on a daily basis to reach someone at the place of business but they never answered or returned my phone calls. after 6 months of having a vehicle I couldn't ride, they finally called me back. I emailed them a list of all the problems in september of the same year. I received a response from someone named amy who told me that I needed to replace the battery. as I was just in the middle of moving I tried to take it to a shop to have a battery changed, but the mechanic told me that 'the vehicle is a lemon, a new battery isn't going to fix it."so I contacted the company and relayed the message. they told me that they'd need to call the mechanic. about a day later I got a response in email form that I now needed a new carburetor and they would sell me one for 75 dollars. I was infuriated so I called the company and once again, got geo. he transferred me to a manager who told me that"your warranty is voided but we can sell you a carburetor at 55 dollars."I raised as much fuss as possible saying"my warranty was promised to not be voided because of the fuel line I had to replace. your employee geo told me that"the manager was sorry but that was all he was authorized to do. I ended up buy the piece and having it installed. after moving back to texas, in nice mid 80 degree weather, the moped was still having issues. so in 02/2016, exactly one year after I bought it, I called and demanded to return it. I got a response from someone named jamie telling me, after i'd sent an email with photos and a description of every thing at everytime that was wrong with it. I got a response, after the manager before had promised me a return, this jaime person said"your vehicle does not qualify for an rma" and a rma is basically the return. now i've been lied to, forced to run in a circle and made very angry. my vehicle doesn't even have 700 miles on it and hasn't worked since the day I received i. this company is a scam and will take any money from you they can. no one has helped me, no one has even tried. i'm posting a review on them anywhere and everywhere I can. do. not. buy. from. this. company.

  • Bs
      25th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    Worst company ever! omg! where do I start my list of complaints! my son's gave my $1000 to purchase a scooter for christmas. I did my homework and found the perfect scooter. I ordered and paid in full for the scooter to avoid the christmas rush. scooter delivered on time. however it was damaged! therefore I would not accept and asked for either a new scooter or for them to replace the damaged parts. I called superior power sports and left 9 messages! why? because nobody ever answers the phone. then I started e-mailing them, same problem. to make a long story short, the [censor] who finally replied to one of my many messages told me I need to complete a damage report. obviously he did not bother to read my e-mails or listen to my messages. "I don't have the scooter so why would I fill out the report?" anyway they refused to offer me a new scooter and said they will return my money in 10 days. now i'm really angry. they've had my money for over a month already. delivered a damaged scooter. cancelled my order. won't refund my money on time….. and worst of all my christmas is ruined! my son's are expecting to see a new pink scooter aside the tree from them to their mom… now I have nothing….. but a very horrible experience to share with you. horrible, horrible company! I cannot believe they are still in business with all the complaints i've read on line… how is this possible???

  • Pa
      23rd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Exact same problems. I recieved a scooter with bent bars.scratches everywhere. Customer service is a joke. They will not live up to the warranty. This place is def a front for some cartel or something. Cuz they are definitely not a reputable dealer. Worst experience ever

  • Pa
      23rd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    The scooter came without any protection for shipping. Got on the truck it was on its side strapped down to a wooden pallet..on. Its. Side. I hope they send me the handlebars but from yalls storys plus how there hustlin me. Feel like the biggest sucker. N im from the streets. Have always had my pride cuz everyone in my city respects.fears me. But..NOONE hustles me in real life without a jaw wired shut at the very how is a stern but fair lad supposed to teach a lesson too people 3000 miles away and surely hiding behind fake names?? Hell of a they put me in. God forgives, i dont. Sounds like a cali vacation too me..always wanted too go there.. Ha Ha! ;-)

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