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I (Elias calder cunningham) had booked a trip to stay at the riu guanacaste in costa rica starting on jan 30th, 2017 and staying for one week. The trip was booked with a friend of mine amy louise rosenberger and we were staying together. We paid in full and were excited to go.
The trip was booked through travel masters in vancouver, bc through travel consultant carol morgan.
Due to some personal issues that came up I was forced to have to cancel the trip. Not only was the refund denied but sunwings was not even allowing me to make a name change on a hotel only booking. I understand the problems with name changes on international flights but those were booked separately from sunwing.
All I requested was a simple name change on the hotel booking and since I had paid in full this should be a simpel request. Instead it has been denied and denied costing me $1400 for nothing.
They have not provided anything resembling a legitimate excuse for their actions beyond that it is their policy.
If they are not willing to allow a simple name change then I feel a partial or full refund is the only reasonable thing to do, especially since we requested the change almost a month in advance.

The following is a copy and paste of an email from my travel agent.

"good morning,

I am hoping you can help me. I have clients elias calder cunningham and amy louise rosenberger who are booked to come and stay with you on jan 30th for one week. They booked their hotel through sunwing vacations and have paid in full.
Unfortunately elias is no longer able to make the trip. They found someone to take his place, but sunwing will not let me make a name change. This seems crazy to me on a hotel only booking.
My question to you, is that if are you able to change the name on your end, or do you care if the voucher from sunwing has elias’s name and someone else shows up in his place? I really do not understand why sunwing is not allowing us to make this change, and am hoping we can change it on your end, or
That you would accept the voucher even if the name for one of the people is different. The person who would take his place is rebecca patricia stromberg. Please let me know asap as we have to book her flights. I am really hoping you can change on your end and fix this big problem for me!

I will anxiously await your reply.


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This was sent to the hotel directly who indicated they would not allow it in order to not jeopardize their relationship with sunwing.

Jan 25, 2017

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