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As with most of the other complaints, I had similar problems. Cost was much more than original "binding" quote. They showed up 6 hours after the agreed pick up time. Also, they did not deliver on the scheduled day, even though they verbally agreed to it several times before they left with my belongings. READ THE FINE PRINT!! They do NOT guarantee anything, including on-time delivery. I am still waiting for my belongings and no one is telling me when they will deliver it. Every time I call to get an update, or complain, I am put on hold for upwards of 45 minutes. Today when I spoke with a representative I told her I deserve an apology for all of the grief and extra costs this has turned into, and her response was "I don't owe you an apology, I didn't do anything to you." Some professional customer service would be the least they could offer, her behavior was appalling! I could visualize her sitting there picking her fingernails and snickering!

sunstate movers are only professional and "nice" until they get you to sign the "binding" contract, " which binds you, but not them. Then they overcharge you and disappear with everything. I trusted these people and they have completely screwed my family. We had to go buy house ware items and clothing because they have all of our belongings. Don't believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths! Read everything before you sign!!

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  • Su
      10th of Mar, 2010

    When reading a negative review regarding SunState Movers & Storage, or any other business for that matter;please be aware that there are always two sides to every story and you, as the reader, are getting only one side of the story.As a professional;SunState Movers does not feel it is appropriate to post information on any site that may reflect badly on any of its customers, even a customer who is dissatisfied. We are happy to state that we complete over 500 moves each month and our proud of our 99.5 percent customer satisfaction rate. That being said, we are still committed to making every reasonable effort to resolve any dissatisfaction from the other 0.5 percent!

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  • Ne
      18th of Mar, 2010

    SunState Movers & Storage was one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I have never reported anything to the BBB but had to on this company. I wish I would have visited this site prior to using their company. The only reason I went with them was their B+ rating. They are now lying to BBB and stating they didn't know about a drop off, this along with other things. I usually let things go but this company is ridiculous. Someone hung up on me and told me I was bothering him. No one apologized to us, nothing was discounted for inconvience of their delivery. We had to threaten them with the police just to get our things. Think twice before using this company, they aren't nice after you sign the agreement.

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  • De
      25th of Mar, 2010

    I really don't know where or how to begin. However, the bottom line of this tale is that this company and their affiliates, Sunstate Movers and Presto Moving Company ALL took advantage of me and my (81 year old) mother. We moved from FL to MA and the entire situation was a total, nightmare. Disrespect, lies, manipulation, damaged/destroyed belongings, including 2 Tiffany lampshades. The initial "estimate" was $1500 and then when it was all over, a week later, $3000! All 3 of these companies had different stories/procedures/regulations on how to move us. We started out with a contract with Premier and then the other 2 stated they had nothing to do with Premier and had their own rules. Upsetting and horrific experience. Tried several times to speak with staff, including a so-called VP who was supposed to return my phone calls, but never did. True, they do start out nice/helpful, but in the end, they are untruthful, disrespectful, rude, dishonest-the list is endless, and they do harras you for payment BEFORE the delivery and you can actually inspect your belongings! I have so many items which are damaged and irreplaceable-will try to file claims but more than likely nothing will happen. BEWARE!!

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  • Iv
      5th of Sep, 2011
    Sunstate Movers - Sunstate Movers is bent, lying, scam organization
    Sunstate Movers
    United States

    My experience with Sunstate Movers has been the worst experience of my life. They were scheduled to pick up my stuff on June 17th between 8:00 and 10:00 AM for my go from Florida to Colorado for an estimated price of $1604.00. They arrived promptly at 11:45 AM. AFTER loading everything I own onto their truck their foreman told me that their initial estimate was off and that the final charge would be $4632.78 which included an additional charge of $893.50 for packing materials. I packed nearly everything myself and this packing charge covered some additional boxes, bubble wrap and tape to protect my things.

    My scheduled delivery date was June 21st. I was told that they hit their scheduled delivery date 90% of the time. I called their one customer service executive on Monday June 21st and she told me that my things would be there at the end of the week and that the driver would call me the night beforehand to let me know when. At the end of the week I called the customer service executive for a second time and she told me that there had been a delay and that the driver would call me early next week to let me know when he was going to deliver my things. The customer service executive repeated this circular lie to me continually over the next FOUR WEEKS. First I was told that July 4th would be the last possible delivery date. She then told me that they had until July 8th to deliver my stuff. When it didn’t arrive by that date I was told that in the fine print of the contract they have TWENTY ONE BUISNESS DAYS to deliver my stuff (that’s over a month). I was told July 14th would be the latest possible day. Finally on July 16th at 8:30 AM I was called by the driver to let me know that he would be at my house at 10:00 AM. I found out from him that my stuff didn’t leave the warehouse until July 13th. This means that the customer service executive lied to me for 4 weeks telling me that a driver would call me when they knew that my stuff was sitting in a warehouse and wasn’t going to me went until mid July.

    When everything I owned finally arrived I learned that many of the furniture items protected by the $893.50 worth of packing material were hurt, scratched, dented or broken. They managed to shatter every plate I own. They taped shut the drawers of my furniture so that when you take the tape off, it takes the end off. For some bizarre reason they shipped my TV and computer monitor FedEx, despite this not being anywhere in the contract (they arrived July 20th). When I got my 37’’ LCD TV the screen was broken. In a gorgeous coincidence the only package they “lost” was my Playstation 3. They have now told me that their “insurance” covers $0.60 per pound. This means “lost” Playstation 3 gets me about $6.00 and broken TV gets me $24.00.

    Over the course of this ordeal I have been lied to, cheated, and stolen from. It took me an average of 3 days to get in touch with someone from their company during this process. I finally started calling from other phones because I believe they were screening out my calls (it worked by the way). I have never complained about a company or service in my life, but I firmly believe that Sunstate Movers is bent, lying, scam organization. The moral of this tale: NEVER USE the company!

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  • Mo
      6th of Sep, 2011

    Well it seems like you picked a good one here. There is an alert on the BBB website. they are not registered for busines sin the state of Florida accoring to the SOS website, They are not an active mover becasue of licensing and insurance with the Federal Goernment FMCSA. The BBB website states that they also go by First Choice Moving, Allstate Movers, Florida State Movers
    I would file a complant with the FMCSA and also seek legal remedy

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