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On 05/17/2017 at approximately 3pm I went into the Sunoco store on Chester Road (11585 Chester Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45246) to purchase a pack of cigarettes like I do most days as it is down the road from my office.

The lady asked me for my ID. I complied and handed her my Ohio Drivers license, she then went to scan it through a card reader device. I asked her please to not scan it as it will pull my personal info from it such as address etc. and I do not see a need for Sunoco to have that information as all they need is my age.

The lady responded that it is store policy. I asked since when? As I have been using this store for some time and have never been asked for my id before. EVER. I am 6' 3", 350lbs, have graying hair and am 40 years old.

I stated "I was in here yesterday and you didn't ID me then, so why now all of a sudden is it store policy?" At which point Anthony who was stocking shelves behind me stated that it is store policy to prevent the use of fake ID's.

I stated that she can check my ID, my age, my picture and the hologram that is embossed into Ohio ID's and that proves it is real and that should suffice. At which point she refused to sell the cigarettes even though she just verified my age by looking at my DOB. Again, I stated I was just in here yesterday and both the lady and Anthony said that "They don't know me, they don't know who I am. Do you know me? Do you know her? (implying the lady behind the counter), in a very rude derogatory tone. I said I do not know them.

At this point I had wasted enough time over a pack of cigarettes and I said "ok, run the frickin' thing then". At this point Anthony said I should leave and that I am never to come back. I said fine, I will. So I did.

I drove to the store next door and bought my cigarettes from Ameristop. I felt wronged, so I decided to go back and ask for the managers name and store number so I can write a complaint. By this point Anthony was outside taking some trash out and he saw me and asked what I wanted. I said that I would like his name, the managers name and the store number.
Anthony said he name was Anthony, I asked for a last name, he refused. I asked or a business card and was about to walk into the store to get one of the counter as most gas stations have that and he told me that If I enter the store he will call the Police. I consider that a threat. I was in no way breaking the law or being loud, abusive or rude like he was to me. He said the store address is on the outside of the building and that I have no need for more information. The store info was NOT on the outside of the building and Anthony when I asked him again for it, simply ignored me and walked inside.

It was extremely demeaning. So, what I took from this is that Sunoco employees are incapable of determining whether a state issued drivers license is real or not unless they scan it. Anthony's confrontational nature is what has prompted my complaint and trust me I do not have the time to write this kind of complaint out, but again I felt so strongly about rude and demeaning manner in which I was treated and the lies that they told me (the lie is that it is "store policy", when I was in there yesterday and both these same employees were there and neither of them ID'd me then).

I am interested to see whether you take this complaint seriously or not. Depending on your response and steps to be taken in regards to this complaint will determine my next course of action.


Gregor McCurrach

May 17, 2017
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  • Tj
      27th of May, 2017

    Go ahead and take your next course of action.

    We don't take you or your name seriously, Gregor.

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