On June 1, 2018 I, Dominique Antoine, arrived at the Sunuco gas station at approximately 7:15pm at the Vince Lombardi Service area off of the New Jersey turnpike in Ridgefield, NJ. I have a black 2007 Toyota Corolla. Upon arriving, I see a paper sign that reads "cash only", I asked the gas attendant are all the pumps cash only he says yes and I ask him for the Atm. He points to the service center. After finding the ATM it reads "out of service". I am on the gas light with no way to get home because a gas station in the most densely populated state in the country on one of the most used highways in the country does not accept cash in 2018. I then returned to the service center to see if I could buy something and the woman at the convenient store says they do not provide "cash back" option after a purchase. I am then talking to the gas attendant that I do not have cash and I am on the light and cannot get home, he says "that's the problem, the system is down". I told him I will be sleeping on the side of the turnpike because of this. He points me in a direction to the manager and tells me to speak with him. I go into the Sunuco store, there was an middle aged male and young woman behind the cashier and I am explaining my situation almost in tears of frustration and desperation. I offered to pay them immediately via Google wallet or Venmo if they gave me $5 cash. I have the money, I just did not have the cash on me. She explained that she did not have money to give me, I explain that I'm not asking for her money because the money would be deposited to her account that second via venmo or Google wallet. The man behind the counter did not say anything and did not offer to help neither did the gas attendant. After over an hour at this service center and in tears and frustration, a customer gave me $5 to put enough gas in my car. I was eternally grateful. It is completely unacceptable that a gas station on a Friday evening on one of the most frequented highways does not accept card AND does not have a functioning ATM. What is more unacceptable is the complete lack of regard and concern and willingness to help that everyone that worked at sunuco showed me. I was not asking for any favor because they would have received the $ in their account immediately via Google wallet or venmo. I have the money and would have sent it to them via venmo or Google wallet for whatever was given to me. I am appalled at this treatment by a service industry. Their unwillingness to help and allow a young woman alone to spend the night on the turnpike speaks to Sunuco's employees lack of customer service and disregard for human life.

Jun 01, 2018

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