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Well first off, i would like to start by stating it is near impossible to find a complaints contact number, email or fax to reach anybody at Sun international.
I Have been playing slots at Windmill Casino(bloemfontein) for the past 5 years or so, and it is always been downward, but once every few visits, you win something decent and you will be back next time out. Since January this year it has been GIGANTIC losses and no wins. By wins I mean not going back home empty pocket. Tonight 05 May 2017 at 21:30pm their parkings was near empty, which is a sign of how things off late has been at the casino for patrons. So early in the month, and almost no clientele on a Friday evening.
It is to my understanding they changed their slots manager recently and I can honestly say that place is worse off now then ever before. You are just not a winner anymore, you go with a budget of R3000 and that does not even last an hour. Now Since Bloemfontein has very little entertainment going on, the casino used to be a nice place to go to. Now it just feel like thievery. I am well aware of the "RNG" system and how it works. They feed a number of winning combinations into the machine and for example: 3 bonus "pop-ups" every 100 spins. Now on 95% of the machines it's more like 1 bonus pop-up every 1000 spins. That is how severe the "loosing streak has become at windmill Casino. Always the slot manager use to come around and talk to clients, getting a feel of how they are enjoying their visit, that does not happen anymore. I am providing my account number below if windmill Casino wishes to review my losses Since Jan 2017 up to now. We as clients fully understand that Casino is an entertainment business and needs to make profit to pay all employees and to maintain the business for the future, but it's not entertainment if every visit is becoming a losing streak. I also over hear other clients really complaining...clients I got to know when i started going to the casino. If they go onto their cameras for 05 May 2017 roundabout 21:45- 22:15, in the smokers area, they will see a woman standing at the first Sun striker machine, near the employees door next to her friend and she is complaining of severe losses. I also don't see the regulars there anymore.
This does not sound serious, but this deserves the attention of one of the Ceo's or GM's at Sun international. Windmill will go under if there is not a change. They advertise on their casino radio that "winners know when to stop" but it's become a case of they don't know when to stop taking anymore. Go out there and run a survey in the casino...your ears wil be ringing. I myself use to like going to the casino, picking 2-3 machines and playing on my MVG card as well as 2 visitors cards as I like having more winning possibilities. This costs a lot to do, but it always kept me going for the night and although a loss at the end of the night and R5000 or so down, i left feeling ENTERTAINED. I hope my letter of concern reaches the right person in Sun international, before the bloemfontein community decides enough is enough.
My MVG account number is:[protected]

May 05, 2017

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