Sun Cellular / unresolved 3 months dispute request

Porac, Philippines

I've been calling and doing follow up a dispute to Sun Hotline since April until now. I am complaining on a The Mall Cosmic charges to my number which I haven't registered for or received any text message from 2488 number. All my request were denied since they said it's valid, but there is no proof that there is a registration that was happened. I called them in April, May and June to complain and just always giving me Service Reference Number all the time but nothing happened. They said the Billing Department will call but 3 months already with weekly follow up, there's so no such calls received from them.


Account No. [protected]
Mobile no. for dispute [protected]
Invalid Charges as follows (The Mall Cosmic 2488):
Billing Period as of 17 March 2017 - P460.75 (inclusive of VAT)
Billing Period as of 17 Apr 2017 - P435.15 (inclusive of VAT)

Follow up calls w/ SRN:
April 2017 - SRN [protected]
May 09 - SRN [protected]
May 22 - SRN#[protected] & [protected]
June 01 - SRN#[protected] & [protected]
June 10 - [protected] & [protected]
June 16 - [protected] (Recent)

I closed the account and paid everything so it won't continuously charging me. Now I am asking for a refund as the Sun Shop SM Clark advise me to do. They said that complaints are not welcomed in the Sun Shop starting when Smart Communication took over Sun company... Now the Customer service came worst than before..

All I am asking is to refund the charges they made for the Cosmic which I really didn't know what's that all about. We didn't even received any message from that said 2488 number and we do not usually use the back up gsm unit phone which the number was restored. That's why I really assured that the charges is not valid.

Sun Cellular
Sun Cellular
Sun Cellular

Jun 20, 2017

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