Summerwinds / summerwinds contracts dept

Branson, MO, United States

Myself & cousin purchased a vacation ownership at Stormy Point on October 20.2011. He paid 750.00 and I paid 750.00 that was a total for our down payment, He lives in Missouri I live in Texas, he paid with his credit card, I paid with a personal check..Within a day and a half, we had learned alittle more about how it would work, that were not made clear until we revisited with one of the contract closers with some very direct questions for him to answer, to find out what we were concerned about was exactly something we didnt want. so we opted out ..We were told the credt card would be refunded and my check would be returned. All we needed to do was return the binder on the property and give them a written letter that we were canceling.I even went and prepared it and sent if certified mail..It was confirmed we had canceled..He is credit card was refunded soon after, I have never recieved my check, 3 wks later it was cashed, I should have put a stop payment on the check, they assured me I would receive it.. they have never issued me a new check.I have called to get the run around it is being refunded.I received the other day from my relative in Missouri that purchased it with me. He received a check Feb 15, 2012 issued to him & me with us both sharing his last name as if we are married. which is no good...Iam to the point of has been over 4 months and it still is not refunded.when I called today about it the first lady I spoke to was very sincereand truely wanted to help me .she transferred me to contracts to someone called Megan.and she did nothing but be very short with me saying she doesnt issue checks, she didnt do it, she had no concern about it being 4 months, she acted like it had only been 2 or 3 wks, she said the both of us only gave them 1 address .I assured her I had the paperwork in front of me.My name was clearly stated along with address on it ..including on my check, , she repeated it only had one 1 address. I stated then someone entered into your system wrong, and I ask her so your telling me as well that my name was written down by me with my first name in front of his last name.because the check was also in his & my first name sharing his last name.she at that point when she couldnt blame it anywhere else, she said listen do u want me to help you or not.I replied absolutely not.I wish to talk to someone else or the supervisor..she said no problem..then hung up on me..she had my # and never called me back ..Never once in the beginning of the conversation the middle of the conversation or at the end of the conversation..It was as if we had made all the mistakes that is why I hadnt received my check. The contract had us down as co owners very clearly his name and address on one side, my name and address on the 2 different towns and states and certainly with 2 different names.not to mention all the information on my check..Oh wait I forgot thy didnt have my check on hand when the check was issued they cashed it the 1st of November 2011..It is completely out of line to not appoligize at the very least ..If you work for a company you have to accept wrong doing as a whole..especially if the proof is in front of you..but no she refused..I have contacted the supervisors voice mail...

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