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Branson, MO, United States
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Ok, so I've never purchased a timeshare from here or any other company & therefore have nothing to say about that, but I am going to make a complaint about one of their sales reps whom I encountered way back in 2017. While @ an exhibition, we had sex & I performed oral acts upon him DURING company time. I was also 17, so this is illegal in my state

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    As for now, I have decided *not* to name this particular quote-un-quote "agent" out of sheer generosity, as I somewhat pitty him, noting that I don't want to endanger him, his reputation, or his job. Why? I don't know. I'm just going to refer to him as "H" or "Gross Candy Bar That Nobody Likes." He'll understand my reference. Thanks to him, my depression over the past few years has been off the charts, yet paling in comparison to my levels of social & general anxiety, & having to takie my fluoxetine every single day just reminds me of him. Let's just say I'm glad my folks have good medical insurance, as I've been brooding over this incident for awhile. The sex was consensual, but he manipulated my ever-fluctuating teen emotions, & dareisay, found a way to abuse them, even from over 500+ miles away, much like he did in person. In conclusion, I don't want anything; just a "sorry" with an explanation would be nice. I also want to protect other vulnerable teen girls & woman from his charm, because let's face it, he's tough to say no to. "H" likely partakes in Summerwind's traveling expos when they do shows in other states, & I am not a one time "customer" of his. I've recently texted one of his old cell phone numbers, &, oddly enough, it was not H who answered, but someone else w/the same number that he was using. It's funny, how often he changed his number... the person on the other line complained to me about how he was pestered by countless women & mothers, all asking about H, saying that they were either pregnant or telling him to "stay away from their daughters." Now I know this could all be a bunch of BS, but I can't help wonder about the merit behind those claims. He likely has a long string of other young ladies like me, & I was just another link in his chain. Without a doubt, the best way I can describe both him & his actions would have to be that they are nothing short of predatory. I don't know how safe this timeshare company is with a slimy sleazeball like that slinking around. So please, ladies, (& perhaps gents too!!) watch out!! There's a loaded gun lurking in the sea of the Summerwinds Resorts' salesfolk!!

Jul 13, 2017

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