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Summer Bay Resort / Rip offs

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I booked, well I thought I did and when I called to see what the problems was I got bounce from extension to extension it went like this and these are real names of there poor workers all started at 9:00am June 18, 2008 I spoke to Glenda, she transferred me to Kia, she transferred me to Dave, he transferred me to cherry, she transferred me to Whitney, then I got transferred back to Glenda, she hung up on me! I called back, Glenda picked up! I ask why she hung up, she transferred me to Jackie the operator, then I got Nadine she was a rude *** and would get her manager, she did say his name was M. Brandon, I don’t know if his is real or not! Then I got transferred back to Jackie and then I was transferred to so front asst manager I explain the problem she asked me my name, CLICK! The call was disconnected! This was on the 18 of June, on the 17 of June they kept hanging up period! I never got the room! I here are the numbers I called [protected]-8553

Summerbay resorts kept selling and selling and selling and when its your turn to use what you paid for, Nothing! We should bring a class action lawsuit against them! What a piece of *** that place is!

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      20th of Jun, 2008
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    Hi Dylan,

    I saw how pissed off you are at Summer bay and I am totally 101% agree with you. I have not been more pissed off in my life with anything. The reason it...if you do try to book with them, you'll be MORE pissed off. Because that is when you'll find out there is tons of hidden charges in there. The beauty of it is, none of those hidden charges was ever mentioned in the Terms and Conditions. And if you refuse to pay for it, they will tell you that you cannot take the vacation if you do not pay those (ie: they will try to charge you $100 transportation fee and make it sound pretty and all that saying that is only to take good care of you from the airport to the hotel...I said I am capable of paying for my own transportation and do not appreciate them charging me $100 for a 15 mins ride...especially in Mexico!!! When I said that, they said then I cannot take my vacation, is that messed up?) When questioned about it, no one can provide you with an explanation. Is that pathetic or what? Anyways, please help to voice your concern so that the government can do something about them. You can file a complaint to the Orland Better Business Bureau and also the I believe that is the correct name ( I don't have the exact address here with me) But if you cannot find it, please contact me and I'll provide you with the exact information.

    PS: Do not feel bad, because you are not the only one who got the hang up. I got it MULTIPLE times. When I filed the complaint to the Better Business Bureau, guess what the reply from the company was. They said they're are working hard to add more lines...OMG, this makes me want to cry for more victims...add more lines for WHAT? for crazy sales I bet!!! I can bet my life that it has nothing to do with helping customers who ALREADY PAID and would like customer service on helping them book their trip. How pathetic!

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      18th of Jul, 2008
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    Agreed! Trying to call for clarity and info, or to cancel-on hold for long periods of time-then they CANT find my phone #, name, or thread #, etc. I now have 4-5 phone #'s.
    The QA person (Jeff, James Baker-a Director???) not helpful. They discount any complaint and think it is a joke. (joke on the buyer!)
    The Sales presentation is misleading-I asked 3x the Napa trip stay is where? ("the RiverPointe Hotel they said) The QA assurance person played the tape recording when I asked this to the "final" sales person-who stated-yes-you will "review" the RiverPointe.(PLAY ON WORDS) He also said (on the tape) you can sell it on EBAY. (no you cant unles you are a travel agent-Ebay checks you out).
    This company is inconsistent, unorganized, uncaring, and makes it impossible to get any answers or your money back. THEY need to be closed down!
    They use "con artist" tactics.

    *Contact all the agencies (BBB, Attorney Gen-FL, Consumer Fraud Protection..)to close this outfit down.

  • An
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    The sad thing is, people are still able to operate because people did not take their time or have the time to file a formal complaint. I did, I filed a formal complaint to the BBB and, the process is not too bad honestly. You just have to fill out your complaint like the way you did here and you're all done. That way at least the gov't agency would know about it and become aware of the situation. As a result, something may be able to be done about it and we can help other potential victims from being scammed.

    However, one thing we cannot prevent is that Summer Bay operated under many names (as I have done a search on it). All the same company, but they'll offer the EXACT same deal. So be very weary the next time you're being offered something similar to this.

    M Touless, I agree with you about James Baker, he is not only helpless but his responses is so pathetic I sat there and think how in the world a person like this can be the Manager or Director? I wrote a formal complaint letter, clearly detailing each and every of my concerns and disappointment. I got a generic reply that talks about their company and a copy of the Terms and Conditions - nothing in his reply answers any of my concerns and questions. I told him I read every words of the Terms and Conditions and do not need him to provide me with another one, but my concern is that the Terms and Conditions are misleading and that the hidden fees was not even mentioned in the terms and Conditions. Well guess what. Hidden fees: I specifically stated that they are Booking Fees and Mandatory transporatation fee. He came back saying that they are in the Terms and conditions and point out the hotel taxes. Now, even if you're reading this would you see what I mean? I am asking about Booking fee (which is on top of the hotel taxes that we have to pay) - but he come back and tell me about the hotel tax which I DID NOT ask for. Then he said customers are responsible for their own transportation. Which I am totally aware of and glad to get my own transportation. But my complaint was that I am now NOT allow to pay for my own transporation else where, I have to pay Summer Bay for their ridiculous tranportation, I am forced to go through Summer Bay. If I refuse, the rep told me I cannot take the vacation.

    After about 3 times of letter going back and forth, I am NOW still do not have a straight answer from James Baker to address any of my vacation. How pathetic can this be?

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