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Subway / Seafood Sub / terrible service and product

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I responded to the listed Subway establishment to purchase a "seafood sub" as I always have at any other locations. The female server was very limited on the amount of seafood she was placing on the sandwich. She partially filled the "scoop" used to gather the seafood from the bowl to place on the sandwich. She then began to spread pieces of the seafood to try and fill up the sandwich which could not be done leaving large areas lacking any seafood. When I asked her how come she was being so limited on the amount she explained that the "chunks of seafood was thick" (which was not so). She then filled the empty sections with the "extras" and still failed to offer any additional extras such as "oil and vinegar" etc. I then learned after arriving to the cash register that it was no longer $5.00 but $6.50. I probably would have been ok with that however when I went home to eat I discovered that the bread was stale. I was so upset but was unable to return to the restaurant due to limited transportation. My family and I have decided not to ever return to that establishment and possibly any other Subway.

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      24th of Jan, 2011

    The "seafood" consists of chunks of processed seafood, imitation crab, and lots of mayonnaise. (I don't know why anyone would get this sandwich. Absolutely disgusting.)

    When made, you're supposed to chop up the chunks before mixing with mayo. So there is a possibility that she didn't chop them up well when prepping. And if you said she filled in the spaces with extras, I don't see the problem. The price makes sense. You should have checked the price before purchasing, obviously.

    The bread issue is really unfortunate. I work at a Subway and we always make sure to throw out bread over a day old. Always always. Next time you go to a Subway, if ever, make sure you ask for the freshest bread.

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