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This is indeed my first time writing this review to warn people using Stubhub. I originally listed tickets on Stubhub, but I wasn't sure which rows it would be. So I listed randomly (the section was correct), and then later when I got the ticket I figured out that the tickets are different. To be sincere enough, I let them know, and they said the buyer cancelled the ticket. And then I got charged $290 (later they adjusted it to $220) even though the tickets I sold was only $118. They said they needed to replace the tickets, but they weren't clear whether the customer cancelled or why they chose so much more expensive tickets. It seems like they try to rip off the seller, and just choose to replace very expensive tickets, because in that way, they can charge the seller very much. And they declined to provide any information on whether buyer actually got the replacement tickets or the buyer actually cancelled. If the buyer actually cancelled, Stubhub itself takes $220 itself. If they don't lie, they should provide enough information to convince me.

Dec 03, 2016

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