What a nightmare my Stubhub experience has been.

Long story short -- I listed tickets for Dear Evan Hanson in NYC. I listed my seat and row and uploaded the ticket. It was bought - and then the same day canceled. Okay, no big deal - until I received a message saying my cc was charged $611 for non delivery of the tickets.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in San Francisco, CA HUH? Finally spoke to someone who said I did not list the right section (it was mezzanine left) - but I was not given any option to list the section! This was a glitch with their system and now it's my fault? Again, I pleaded that they had no such option and they told me it was my responsibility to pay $611 for someones tickets. Huh? Why am I being charged for their mistake? In all of the customer rep correspondence (and I use that title lightly) they kept saying I didn't deliver my tickets. But I did - their computer system is flawed and I am responsible.
All I could do is dispute with AMEX.

I feel so violated and shocked that a company can operate like this.

Jan 17, 2017

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