Stubhub / invalid tickets

Rego Park, NY, United States

For a company such as stubhub which boasts "It's simple: We back every order so you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence" this could not be further from the truth from what I found out one fateful evening. I purchased 4 tickets for a band in concert that I had been looking forward to seeing for years. When we arrived at Barclays center just before showtime we were denied entry only to be told the tickets were already scanned to someone else. How can this happen? They were apparently sold twice. I called Stubhub customer service and after being put on hold several times, 20 minutes later the supervisor said if we purchased new tickets we would be "refunded and credited for the new tickets" since they (Stubhub) did not have any others to sell. At that point the box office at Barclays Center said they didn't have any extra tickets to sell. They had to get their manager who somehow miraculously saved the day and found 4 extra tickets they were holding to sell. The manager at Barclays Center also said "this happens every night" and "not to buy from Stubhub". Also the people next to us on line were having the same problem. After missing a third of the concert I had been looking forward to seeing and getting worse seats than we had originally purchased, I pursued my refund through Stubhub. It turns out they were only willing to refund me the original ticket price I paid, but offered only a credit through Stubhub for the new tickets I had to buy that evening. When they said "credit" to my account over the phone I assumed they meant to my credit card, not to some stubhub account. I spoke with another supervisor today who said under their policy they are not even obligated to offer a credit to my account and I was denied a refund to my credit card. They also claim this is extremely rare. Well, the manager of Barclays Center disagreed with that statement and we observed this for ourselves with another couple standing next to us experiencing the same frustration. If Stubhub had decent customer service and satisfaction guarantee, they would have issued a full refund to my credit card for all of the expenses AND offered something additional for the stress it caused and to make me want to come back. Buyers beware of Stubhub, everyone should know they are at risk of buying invalid seats and not having it resolved properly.

Apr 4, 2014

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