Stub Hub / fraudulent practices

Here is the details. I ordered tickets, someone in my family accidentally threw them away (mistakes happen, we are all human), and I called stub hub. I was willing to pay even fifty dollars to have the original tickets stopped and have them reissued. They said no way they can't do that, our only option was to purchase more tickets. So since my mom felt so bad to throwing them away, she purchased 200 dollars more of tickets. Here's the kicker, the second tickets were MORE and were farther away from the game! Well, my friend, one of the ticket holders, called stub hub back because we didnt want to pay an extra 200 dollars on this, we didn't want to be put 8 rows farther back, and it was an honest, feasible mistake! The rep at stub hub told us they would refund us for our original row 4 tickets, and get us row 3 for the same price. They said no to refunding us for our row 10 tickets, even though they said at that time that there was no way at all they could refund our purchase, we had to purchase more. Well obviously this was a complete and fraudulent lie. They did do something, they refunded it, but didn't bother to do anything about those additional tickets that my mom had to purchase, they just pushed that issue aside and "turned a blind eye". With this issue, I have already put on my facebook, told all my friends, and every single feasible way to communicate to never go through Stub Hub. Atleast with TicketMaster, you pay a little more in fees, but you are GUARANTEED if something happens they have your back. I sure hope that if people see this, please pass this along. Stub Hub is not a good company. I am usually not a person to complain since I work in customer service myself and I know mistakes happen, but I do everything in my power to correct them. The woman on the phone even told me I couldn't speak to her supervisor. Please, pass this along, I don't want the same thing happen to you that happened to me. The one thing investors should know is that it may be cheaper, but oh boy, it is not safer. No way.

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