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I have a publishing contract with the AEG Publishing group that was arranged by Writer Literary Agency. The book ZER Greenhouse Emissions - The Day the Light Went Out - Our Future World was published in October 2008 and I purchase from them 300 copies to be shipped to me as the author here in Australia. They indicated in the contract that until there were 300 copies (not including the copies I purchased) there would be no royaties payable. The sales reports indicate that only 24 copies have to date been purchased. Although this seem unusual as all the work I have been doing to sell them I did not question these figures. I paid them funds to represent me at the New York book fair in May also US$250. I then subsequently paid a furthe $395 to have them produce an e-book of the title. They forward a free PDF copy to me and the royalties were to be 50% of all e-books sold. I have been working every hour I can to sell the book and direct buyers to the web address for the book at the publisher and know many have reported to me that they have purchased - My royalties have not show up on the statement via royalties page. Today I did a seach to be horified to see that the whole of the operation from Writers Literary to the AEG publishing Group is a scam. This could cause the demise of our not-forprofite environmental education foundation .

Please advise me what I can do -- Please treat this with the utmost urgency

my email address is [protected]

Many thanks
Bob Williamson
Founder and Chair
Greenhouse Neutral Foundation
130 Naranga Place Stoneville Western Australia 6081

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  • Ke
      Aug 28, 2009

    I too have a contract with AEG publishing through the Writer Lierary Agency. My book 'Apsaras' was published in April 2009.

    Can you please tell me how you uncovered it was a fraud? They do seem to exhibit at book fairs-or is that a lie, too?

    Kevill Davies

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  • Cj
      Aug 29, 2009

    I dont have an opinion on this subject, but I want one. I am a new author, my first book. I submitted to WI Childrens Literary Agency and they want me to sign a contract. There are some bad reviews on the internet and I want to know more.

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  • Js
      Sep 09, 2009

    I have not signed a contract with AEG, but did submit a description of a completed and fully illustrated book. They replied they were interested and proposed a "joint venture." What concerns me is that all I've gotten from them are form letters. The letters pay no heed to any information I've already given them. When I complained about the form letters, I was given a number to call, which I haven't done yet.

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  • Cl
      Sep 16, 2009

    Listen Authors! Go to a website called ''Writers Beware''. It's a helpful site dedicated in alerting Authors about book frauds, from
    agents, editors, book publishers whether their traditional, or vanity press, or commercial. Go to the site, you'll be surprised by who's
    listed on the Author Beware list!

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  • Me
      Sep 20, 2009

    Re AEG Publishing Group, Writers Literary Agency, etc.

    You might want to follow up with this to see if you can get reimbursed.

    Writers who have had trouble with Robert M. Fletcher or any of the above-named businesses can still contact the office of the Florida Attorney General, regardless of their place or country of residence, or the date of their involvement.

    Randi Shapiro, Financial Investigator
    Economic Crimes Division
    Email: randi.[protected]
    Phone: [protected]

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  • Me
      Sep 20, 2009

    Forgot to mention that above is from Writer's Beware Website

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  • Wa
      Sep 26, 2009

    i have no contract at all, but was looking at these people as my next publisher maybe not though. i dont have any money to pay anyone to do this. i got ripped off by publish america and still havent seen any money at all. why do i need another one.

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  • Wa
      Sep 26, 2009

    i cant believe that these publishers hurt people that are writers by ripping us off. and we are only wanting a best seller.and too make our dream come true.

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  • Lu
      Oct 11, 2009

    AH HA! My questions are answered!! 'Leave these people out of the equation'. It did seem too good to be true, no fees only 10% cut they take off any sales I make!!! Odd they never actually read any manuscript to see if my writing was any gd!!
    Thanks for the truth...not sure how we can expose these sham people!!??? JAS.

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  • Am
      Nov 25, 2009

    I recently had a book published by Strategic Book Publishing in New York, titled 'As One'. It was about my struggle to overcome a Dissociation Identity Disorder. I thought it was in safe hands as I put my heart and soul into it?

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  • An
      Nov 27, 2009

    Writers Literary Agents supposedly sent out quieries to top name publishers that I picked for them. I never got a copy of any rejection letter that they said they'de received, When asked about them they say they delete all of them and trash it. I paid on the average of 17.00 for those inquiries. Then two months later they said that a new publishing company was looking for submissions and I should submit to them. The company was Strategic Books/Eloquent Books, which my agent Georgina whole hearted recommended. After a few back and forth emails, all were formtype, I was sent a contract for a joint venture for $675.00. At my agents advice I signed it. I would later find out that my agant worked for their parent company AEG Publishing which owns, Stratigic, Eloquent, Authoredge, Strategic Marking Consulting and a host of smaller publications. I went through there recommended editing process for $2, 000.00 and found out the independant editior also worked for AEG. Then I went to "Writers Beware" at the website and found out they are under investigation by the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement. The Florida Attorney General has indeed filed criminal charges against My Fletcher the owner of this sham. On a book that sells for $28.50 I the writer get $2.07 royalty a copy. They were supposed to pay me 50% according to their own contract. Virtually no marketing of my book has taken place. Something else they promised to do in their contract. So "Caviet Emptor" writer beware of AEG and any of its subsidiaries. This was an expensive rip off of an aspiring writer.

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  • La
      Dec 02, 2009

    Yes, this company is a scam. I am now waiting for an affidavit from Randi Shapiro, the Attorney General in the Crimes Division in Florida. I have had many problems with this company and I just found out about this scam in the last couple of days. It's blowing my mind. They had a booth in Frankfurt, Germany and I was there. Something didn't seem right, but being a first-time author, I don't know what to expect. At the end of the week, I realized that my marketing team weren't teaching me anything on what I should have been doing to promote my book. I learned things from other authors and what and who they were talking to. But, those people had already left the show so I spent the whole week there wasting my time and money. Unbelievable. It cost me $295 for my book, My Dance With Opa, to be on a shelf and I paid $495 for myself to be there for 4 hours on just one day trying to do book signings. I spent $1750. for editing and I still had to go back with a fine tooth comb because there were so many mistakes. Now I have to go looking for another publisher. And, to add, that my Royalties Website has never had any data. Everytime I check to see where my royalties are, I get NO DATA FOUND. I still can't believe their website is still up and running. I hope more victims will come through so that we can get this guy that is stealing our dreams.

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  • Li
      Dec 11, 2009

    Wow, I just recieved an email from a fellow blogger in my town with this link attached and I am very nervous now! I just published Life In A Week...A book about being happy in October and as of today have not had any problems with them. My royalty page is up and running but it takes about a month to show the previous months sales. I am a first time author and if anyone knows of a way to check sales besides what they tell you please let us new authors know! My gut instinct now is to be nervous and for the promised marketing end of the agreement let me suggest count on doing it yourself! I have read a few great books that I bought online and from Independant book stores and they really helped me alot. Please email me or send me a message through my blog, I would really appreciate it!
    Mike Keller

    Have a wonderful day!

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  • Il
      Jan 18, 2010

    I also published two books with them. Unfortunately I submitted both simultaneously, so I couldnt back down when everything went wrong. I waited months for them to complete the books, the editing was horrific (after I paid over $ 1 000 for it!), they lost 25 books in the mail and I had to pay for it anyway! I wanted to test them, so I purchased books on our local websight and sure enough they didnt account for it on my royalties website! When I queried them they simply said there was a mistake with the system. I also had to send a LOT of emails before I received any checks in the mail. I am bitterly disappointed and have wasted a couple of thousand dollars! Can anyone please tell me what we should do?

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  • St
      Jan 26, 2010

    Hi. I'm Dean and I've recently finished writing a book titled The Stonehenge Observatory. I don't know about the US but in the UK I've found it really difficult to find a publisher of non-fiction to even consider my work even though it has had a positive academic review and requests by academics to reuse the 3D models created for the web site and book. Naturally, I was really interested by AEGs offer to visit the London Book Fair but at the same time I was concerned that they hadn't actually looked at the work. When challenged, someone called 'Tania' asked me to send the book by email but refused to download the PDF due to a 'software glitch'. I don't know of any such glitch so she has now said the work has to come direct from the author. Now, having read the complaints, I guess this could be construed legally as me offering the text freely rather than AEG requesting it in the first place. It's sad but I know we all represent a tiny portion of the authors out there who are in the same situation.

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  • Ab
      Mar 25, 2010

    It's good to know I'm not alone in being ripped off by this company. i also had two books with them and i am disgusted with myself for being so gullable. surely there must be something that can be done about this horrendous outfit. if anyone has an idea please let me know on abbywood at

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  • Au
      Mar 26, 2010

    well the thing is i went in with my eye open with xlibris. they do nothing i have not read. I have checked out Morgan James publishing their starting book buy is 5000 worth plus fees. try and do the work your self or get a agent not affiliated with theses companies good luck everyone and I wish us all well ventures despite the many scams out there waiting to capitalize on our dreams! tania from Aeg is probably not a real person She did not answer my question rather a form letter that was a big give away!

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  • Ph
      Apr 04, 2010

    There's a standard rule in getting your book published - if you have to pay ANY money, DON'T!! End of story. Any publisher who asks for money is not a publisher, they're a sham! No more needs to be said!!

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  • Au
      Apr 09, 2010

    I am also a first time author/illustrator of a children's book and equally frustrated by the process of finding a reputable publisher. I only just received my refund check from Xlibris after 4 badly printed authors copies and months of requests for that refund. I was considering SBP because I liked the look and sound of their joint venture contract but after reading this site have reconsidered. Three other self publishing companies are emailing and calling me ruthlessly but at this point I am feeling total defeat and unwilling to consider any of them. On this page alone I see an advertisment for Tate publishing at the top and the following comment "There's a standard rule in getting your book published - if you have to pay ANY money, DON'T!! End of story. Any publisher who asks for money is not a publisher, they're a sham! No more needs to be said!!" at the bottom. This is a nightmare for anyone trying to make a decision!!! I would SO love to hear from anyone with a recommendation to a positive end.

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  • Ma
      Apr 09, 2010

    In February 2009, I submitted a partial manuscript of 300 pages entitled The Halifax Project to [protected]@schaffer . At the time, their e-mails said they would "delete" our submitted manuscript if a"contract" was not signed. They were going to submit our inquiry to a "Bob Biondi" of the "military division." They wanted us to sign a contract, and send money to get the manuscript proofread ; this caused us to check out their reputation on line and discover that they were most likely a crooked organization. Now, over a year later, somebody named Tania e-mails us and wants us to submit our manscript (resubmit?) based on the 2009 inquiry.

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  • Ar
      Apr 10, 2010

    Hi, I have sent a 5, 000 word manuscript to the Wichildrens Agency, firstly they requested that i use a 'Critique' I sent them 75 dollars, it's back. Now theywant me to have it 'Edited' and suggested using theirs, so i tested them, and said i would be using my own Edtior, and Illustrator. The last e-mail from them said 'That's great, send it when it's done, we will review it, then go to the next step' Thsi mail is signed by 'Hil' Senior Agent.
    The word 'review' is their get out, they must think I'm stupid, they are getting no more money from me. this 'Senior Agent' didn't even mention my story, which tells me he/she has not read it!

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  • Co
      Apr 14, 2010

    I also was contacted by a "Tania" via email. She requested my manuscript and I was so excited that someone was interested in my book that I sent it. Shortly after that they wanted to do a joint venture. I have seen so many compliants about AEG and Strategic Publishing that I'm glad that I didn't send any money. My thing is I hope that they don't try to use my book to profit off of my hard work. I hope that everyone does their research on these shady companies because we are talented authors that deserve a chance to shine.

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  • Be
      Apr 28, 2010

    I'm a self-publisher (4 books, averaging 3, 200 each), and was as frustrated as anyone in getting my books published. I eventually published them myself (printing, marketing through local bookstores, various book-signing events and of course, the internet). There's a lot you can do if you're willing to apply yourself.
    I've been reading all the 'stories' about scams and have decided to start a 'self-publishing' company. I'm looking to partnership with a proof-reader and someone who's versed in internet marketing, namely sending out emails. The three of us can put together a program that can assist writers without ripping them off.
    If anyone is interested, send me an email - [protected] My bio is on My internet website is

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  • Au
      May 03, 2010

    Thank you all for your stories. I just published my first children's book with Tate Publishing. They helped me with editing, I used their fantastic illustrator, etc. I went through three scam publishers until I found Tate. Now I see that SBP sounds bad. When I get their "joint venture" contract once they have reviewed my next book, I will be able to say that I won't be available until the FL Attorney General is done with them.

    Thanks again, Patricia Witt [protected]

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  • Bo
      May 23, 2010

    Hi, first time up. Strategic Marketing and Tania must surely be a scammers. I sent her 15 chapters of my book "Hush Now Don't Cry. Through her e-mails I was promised unbelievable advantages. She and others were never available at the phone number they gave ... only a message to leave your name ... etc. Contacts were very impersonal cyberspace form letters. I like AuthorNana's idea to establish a self-publishing. Any room for a New Zealander AuthorNana?

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  • Ma
      Jun 04, 2010

    Thank you for saving me from making an idiot of myself. WL have offered me a contract, thankfully I did my research/homework and found you and all your comments.

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  •   Jun 09, 2010

    Well, well, well. Apart from that being the story of three holes in the ground, I consider myself fortunate that I found all your comments before falling for the scam SM appear to be operating.
    Now I will take a look at Bentash's foray into the world of self publishing as it is a minefield out there when it comes to who to trust.

    Yours relieved, Toojiboo. (UK)

    Author of:
    Salford Sunrise
    30sex Hours

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  • Ma
      Jun 10, 2010

    I was offered a contract by WL Literary Agents. The letterhead on the contract was AEG, I search their telephone numbers, including Fax numbers, they came up as unavailable. The fax belonged to another company altogether. AEG has it's address as the 6th floor of a building in west 3rd ave NY. I googled the floor and they aren't there either. Giving them the benefit of the doubt I emailed a company on the 6th floor, the lady there was so very kind and searched with reception, phone books and other occupants... surprise, surprise!!! no AEG.
    Yes, they are a scam. Check with the FBI website guys. It's not easy being or staying confident and trusting. Good luck to us all, Maxine ...[protected]

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  • Ne
      Jun 16, 2010

    I fell for this people also because I found them on Google at the top of the page for agents for Children's Literary agents. I filled out their query and their response came back very quickly as positive. I sent the manuscript, they asked for the professional critique from another company (now I know they own it too) and it was a small investment of $78. Within 3 days I got back a glowing critique: my book was outstanding and ready to go; then I was asked to make whatever last minute changes I wanted to make and get back to them. All this time the communication was just by way of e mail. Being new I did not suspect anything. When I started to go over my work, an 8-12 novella with a fable-like story, I began to find words that even I knew were "too big" for my audience. Suddenly I got this gut-wrenching feeling that something was not right. I checked on line and all these complaints came out. I found the case on the Florida Attorney General's site and e mailed my now Senior Agent Hil, with the complaint pasted to my e mail. He/She responded with an interview some outfit did to AEG about all the problematic rumors. There was no way of confirming the reliability of this information. At that point I bailed out and wrote requesting the cancelation of the contract and the deletion of the manuscript. The blow in my case was not the money, since it was so little in comparison to what others have lost, but the shattered hopes for a very quick start to my publishing career. But this is the lesson: Just keep going forward, write and approach other mainstream agents, and then repeat the process until ... until the moment you close your eyes to this life for the last time. Never give up. I bought the 2010 Guide to Literary Agents (Sambuchino, ed.) and will start with the first agent for my genre and will continue until I sell my book. Period. Courage and wisdow, fellow authors.

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  • St
      Jun 17, 2010

    Writers’ Literary Agency (formerly The Literary Agency Group) / Global Book Agency / Strategic Book Group / Strategic Book Club / Strategic Book Marketing / Strategic Book Publishing / Eloquent Books / AEG Publishing Group
    In February 2007, The Literary Agency Group, a business controlled by Robert M. Fletcher of Boca Raton, Florida, changed its name to Writers’ Literary Agency (a.k.a. WLA or WL Writers’ Agency).

    This group includes the following:

    •WL Children’s Agency
    •WL Poet’s Agency
    •WL Screenplay Agency
    •Writers’ Literary & Publishing Services Company (the editing arm of the above-mentioned agencies)
    In 2008, the business expanded to include publishing and marketing operations under the umbrella of the AEG Publishing Group:

    •Strategic Book Publishing
    •Eloquent Books
    •Strategic Book Club, a.k.a. Authors’ Edge
    •Strategic Book Marketing
    In 2009, the business abandoned its long-standing pretense that the agencies, editing service, and publishers were unaffiliated, consolidating all operations as Strategic Book Group–although it continues to use the other names more or less interchangeably.

    Other current businesses, websites, or alternate names associated with the company include:

    •Writers’ Book Publishing Agency
    •Children’s Book Publishing Agency
    •Poetry Book Publishing Agency
    •Screenplay Writers’ Agency
    •Global Book Agency
    Other names the business has used include Sydra-Techniques, ST Literary Agency, Stylus Agency, Children’s Literary Agency, Christian Literary Agency, New York Literary Agency, Poet’s Literary Agency, The Screenplay Agency, and My Editor Is A Saint (an editing company).

    Since the business began operating as a fee-charging literary agency in 2001 under the name Sydra-Techniques, Writer Beware has received hundreds of complaints and advisories of fees for literary agency services, fee-based publishing, critique and editing referrals, and other questionable practices. We’re not aware that the literary agency branch of the business has a significant track record of commercial book or script sales under any of its names.

    In February 2008, Robert Fletcher and The Literary Agency Group filed a retaliatory lawsuit against Writer Beware, alleging defamation, loss of business, and emotional distress. On March 18, 2009, the suit was dismissed with prejudice by the Massachusetts Superior Court, due to Fletcher’s failure to respond to discovery or otherwise prosecute the lawsuit (see SFWA’s official press release). On July 31, 2009, the Court granted Writer Beware’s motion to recover legal fees and expenses incurred in defending the suit, ruling Fletcher/TLAG’s claims insubstantial, frivolous, and not advanced in good faith (the ruling can be seen here. Also see SFWA’s official press release).

    As a result of a public consumer-related investigation, the Florida Attorney General has filed suit for fraud against Robert Fletcher, Writers’ Literary Agency, and the associated businesses. More at Writer Beware’s blog.

    Writers who have had trouble with Robert M. Fletcher or any of the above-named businesses can still contact the office of the Florida Attorney General, regardless of their place or country of residence, or the date of their involvement.

    Randi Shapiro, Financial Investigator
    Economic Crimes Division
    Email: randi.[protected]
    Phone: [protected]

    Trevor Timbs (author)

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  • Pe
      Jun 23, 2010

    I just started with Strategic book Club. I'm a new author and retiree so I don't have money to burn although I paid the fee they asked for to begin the JV with them. They have my manuscript and already sent me an MR (Manuscript Review) that was very complimentary but suggested a "light" editing to finalize it's already excellent writing condition. I asked for a quote for light editing but haven't gotten any response as yet. I hope they are not all bad but I continue to look for some blog, somewhere that says something good about this group. Wish me luck.
    P.E. Manley

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  • Et
      Jul 05, 2010

    I too received an E-mail from the So Called Tania but she included her telephone number, which possibly could be erroneous so this is a Scam, My rule is this, If it smells Fishy, It probably is Fish! To bad, we are All Trying to Catch Our Own Dreams and then these Rat Finks are out there good Luck to All of Us. Here is Tania's Phone number per the Phony E-mail that she sent me.


    Liz, Tania, Linda, Mark - Acquisitions Team

    If you would like to speak with someone, please call Tania at [protected].

    For a current listing and an example of our hundreds of books published
    please visit

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  • Po
      Jul 20, 2010

    It smelt fishy to me when they mentioned "money" in their third email, explaining the breakage of dollars required to publish my book of poetry. I got the catch as i had searched for publishers without demanding money and if AEG demands for money it certainly is a SCAM. It's terribly bad for those who have lost money, extremely disheartening. Although i regret having send my mauscript, i am glad i was saved at the right moment.

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  • Da
      Jul 27, 2010

    Yes I too was nearly scammed by these people, they pose as traditional publishers. I contacted a literary agent and he forwarded me on to Strategic book marketing, they wanted to see my work, it seemed like a dream come true but it was just a scam to get money. DONT GO WITH THESE PEOPLE. I can see the dream having your book in print, but believe me its not worth it. There is no fast track to getting your work in print.
    Check out `writers` for true advice, if you must self publish they can help with cosher companies.

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  • Gl
      Aug 23, 2010

    Hi! there I too have been taken to the 'cleaners' over my Book 'Tolerating' which was a personal account involving not only myself but my two daughters. I searched for the Publishing Agency 'Writers at Literary' who are Based in America. I submitted a total of £600 about $1.000. I believed in them whole heartedly as it was my first Book, come on who wouldn't and who hasn't? Weeks turned into months and I recieved only e-mails telling me they had to ' send it to the 'Editing dept' then onto the 'critique' and they needed more money to do so!! After about 3 months I started smelling a rat, plus I felt embarassed when family members started asking me when they could read a copy of my book!! They replied that 'How could they send me my free complimentary copies' when it had not gone to the publishers yet, and I needed to pay more cash to get it there!! A week or so later I was asked to pay a further $560 to send it to China!! to be sold at a world's Book Fair!! I reported all of my dealings with the Agency to a Sherrif in Orlando who had recently taken another 'Rogue Publishing Agency' to Court but guess what! They 'fined' these people and then were allowed to go and carry on Cheating People!!

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  • Ja
      Sep 02, 2010

    I am from Australia. I have just presented my manuscript to the same company recently and am considering going ahead.
    All the information you have provided fits what is happening here but I am now worried about the words that I have written. Can I retrieve them and know they won't be used by some one else?

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  • Th
      Sep 18, 2010

    I was contacted by the WB Agency who started off with:

    "Thank you for the information you have provided. I may have something for
    you. We have merged with a book marketing and publishing group and they
    have asked us to immediately send them authors that we believe meet their
    criteria. I will be forwarding this information to our sister book marketing
    company and publisher that likes situations like this (smaller and more
    focused), and can move quickly. (Their website is

    They are aggressively taking authors and their books into the international
    markets as well as the US. So far, the feedback is very good from writers we
    have sent to them. They have published over 1000 authors at this point and
    their marketing is going international. shows our
    exhibit in Frankfurt where many relationships were built and deals are in

    Please give them 2-5 days to get back to you. They will email you and
    request your manuscript if they want to see your work. They are very
    diligent about leads I send them. (Hint: Please start prepping your
    manuscript now, the odds are greater than 90% they will want to see it based
    on the fact that we sent you to them)."

    Within an hour Tania from SBP-EB Book Marketer and Publisher sent me an email:
    "After review of your book query which was sent to us by our sister literary
    agency, we would like to examine your work for publishing. (For reference,
    your query is at the bottom of the email). We have an immediate need for
    books of all genres that came about because of our recent exhibit at the
    Frankfurt Book Fair. See the note at the bottom of our email.

    finished work. If your work is not finished then you should work with the
    agency. They can sell unfinished work.
    A quick blurb about us:
    ...Please visit our website at ...we represent at our author site We have sold over 50, 000 books on their behalf
    in the last year. And, we love international book expos.
    We would like to review your work.

    This email tells you how to send your work to us. Our review process is
    designed to evaluate both the technical quality of the writing and the
    subject matter. Don't worry unduly, or spend a lot of time trying to clean
    it up in a hurry. There is always time for that should we decide to work

    Email Us Your Work Please

    Liz, Tania, Linda, Mark - Acquisitions Team
    If you would like to speak with someone, please call Mark at [protected]."

    Is this a scam? I cannot comment yet. My impression is that they expect the author to assume much of the risk and invest in various services. Since most books lose money and most are first time authors, then one cannot expect a publisher to invest heavily and this approach is not so unreasonable. They state they are selling 2500 books a week, which is very little, but seem to wish to earn cash selling books.

    The question is whether they know that virtually all their "clients" are going to lose money and invest on worthless "services" and whether, as claimed by others on the board, royalties for on-line sales are not being passed on to the authors.

    Malice would be implied by the way in which they claim to select only books based on a marketing decision, irrespective of writing skills; and that there are a range of options to be evaluated, including a traditional publishing contract. If everyone is getting the same "joint venture" story and no serious editing nor marketing is being carried out, then they are liars and crooks.

    Incidentally, on, "Mark Bredt" the head of the Christian Division of Strategic Book Publishing offers a detailed Statement of Belief. We also read there,

    "After 30 years as print news journalist and editor, Mark Bredt has entered into a lifelong ambition of book publishing. Following his heart, and a calling, Mark has chosen to focus his efforts on Christian works serving as publisher of the Christian division of Strategic Book Marketing. Mark is active in his local church serving on the board of trustees and as director of Bless University offering continuing education for lay ministry and those who seek to know more of God's plan for us.

    What is a Christian book? Books that support our statement of beliefs will be considered "Christian" works for the purposes of publication. Writings that are religious or spiritual in nature but do not support the statement of beliefs will be referred to other divisions of the Strategic Publishing Group."

    If this all a huge lie??
    XXX, Sweden.

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  • Cy
      Sep 28, 2010

    I am an author under the same publishing company which the e-mails are written about.
    I have no complaints and the other authors who I have talked with who also have the same publishing company seem to to be very pleased, just as I am. What is the problem? False statements only hurts the writers who wish to be published.
    Cynthia Kay Rhodes

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  •   Sep 28, 2010

    You're a first on this board, Cynthia. Just one question though. Have you been asked for any moolah prior to, or at the point of signing a contract?

    Trevor Timbs, (author)

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  • An
      Oct 15, 2010

    Interesting Cynthia, but who are these other authors ? Why are there not more stories like yours abounding the scam sites ? Why, if you're so happy, are you even visiting such a board ? As Trevor Timbs has said you're the only one on this one!
    For me it was the good old hairs on the back of my neck that made me start looking further afield. Just to check out what other people were saying about these guys! Suffice it to say I won't be sending any of my hard earned cash off for their 'critique' of my work !
    I'm a Performance Poet based in the UK, my book which is biographical with 58 poems at relevant points in the text, is dedicated to my son who passed away to sudden infant death (s.i.d.s) nearly 31years ago. I have donated to a UK based s.i.d.s charity from every poetry event held & fully intend to do the same once the book is published.
    I for one, don't need or require the negative dirty energy of these scavenger's all over my work & will send them no money. We need to know who we can trust people ! Thanks to everyone for your time spent posting & reading on these all important boards! Anna Mae : [protected]

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