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Stormy Point Village / Fraud and Liars

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We have been owners since 2005, paying maintenance fees every year, from $1000 to 2000. I try to stay at this location every year because this is the original unit that I purchased, but it seems that every year there is a different reason on why I can not stay at Stormy Point. As that stands, I DO still have to go to the meeting on the first business day of my VACATION. I get harassed into "upgrading". I have yet to benefit from all of these very expensive "upgrades". I have been scammed out of more than $40, 000 with this company. I have tried multiple times to sell my "unit" or "ownership", what ever they call it...I am not able to sell any thing because now they say I do not own anything with their company...WELL, Where has my money gone? I would love to know if any one else would like to sue these people because if so I am definitely in with you!!! Gary Miller was our salesman last year, he said that if we upgraded again we would most definitely be able to go to Stormy Point this year, so, since we have been unable to stay there for years, we decided to follow through with the upgrade and, guess what, this year when I tried to make my reservations, the lady told me that I can NOT stay at Stormy Point!!! SURPRISE!! After realizing that he was a liar, I managed get this man on the phone and he promised me that someone higher up in authority would be calling the next day. Well, that day never came. I am still waiting on these LIARS to call me!! All of the frustrations that we have are the same as a lot of other "owners" so if any one would like to go after these scammers, PLEASE let me know!!!

Apr 22, 2015
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      9th of Oct, 2015
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    Festiva Adventure Club is a SCAM my membership is paid in full and the still won't even just let me just give it back to them for Free after I paid $25, 000.00 with 14, 600 points. Called them just today and of course they won't let you talk to someone that can answer your questions, this is the answer I got after the girl I talked to said hold a minute I will find out because the big shots are so ashamed they can't face you or talk to you. So I said I will give it to you for free I don't want the dam thing not worth the maintenance fees for sure was told to write a letter why I don't want it and $4, 000.00 and maybe they will let me out, and would take up to 120 days for them to decide, so you know what will end up in that deal they will keep your money and will tell you no and you still have the peace of crap. Yes, I'm pissed. And you can't sell it to any one because now they made a law that new owners only have 90 days (3months) out of 12 months to use it so people wouldn't but a timeshare that had already been sold so that makes them have to go to buy a new one. You can't even sell them on e bay for 1 cent no one will buy them. If you go on line to the timeshare resellers they will tell you they can sell with no problem and $1, 795.00 fee for them and that's not true either, no I didn't do it. Have found out so much this week and is sickening I honestly don't know how these people sleep at night and live with themselves. I found out yesterday that there is an attorney that will get you out of it and he is taking 100 cases a month to court but cost is $4000.00. I even talked to the Attorney General today filing a complaint. I am going to call them every day and complain I am not just a set back and do nothing I'm not that type of person and they took a lot of hard earned money from me and that makes me angry, nothing is worse than a liar. If anyone has more information on how to help me get out of it a better way than what I'm thinking right now please contact me at

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