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Sterling Jewelers / terrible scam

1 375 Ghent RdAkron, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 330-668-5000

Let me start with how this Company is getting over on consumers... One I am questioning the quality of the product they state they deliver. I worked there for two years in collections. A common rebuttal to me after trying to convince them they need to pay me over the phone is ' I have a 2000.00 ring through you and we had it appraised and they said its worth 600.00. I have had several people tell me the stones had black marks on it.

My job was for me to get a payment but still on the back of my mind i have been wondering and i have read a couple complaints on here... something needs to be done there. The interest free plans can be very confusing and can end up becoming interest bearing if a payment is missed and the back interest will apply... I have notice that the most common mistake for the payment being missed is not getting that first statement. Makes me wonder is it being mailed?... Ive seen accounts where they have fell off interest free after the customer paying several months with out missing a payment... then the back interest is applied to the account which Ive seen the back interest has high as 800.00 and if you don't call in about it and ask to get it taken off then you are being stuck with the charges... Now as a collector you are forced to work 10 and 12 hours days if you are not reaching goals... they really imbued that possibility of being terminated in your head. I would contact the same people over and over to the point that i know there names by heart... once you are on the phone with me... and you don't pay me... then 'hold on let me see what else i can do for you'. at this point they are getting a supervisor or someone else on the floor to get on the phone attempt to get the payment. I would have customers wanting to do what ever it took to get the calls to stop... the only answer to that is to set up a payment arrangement or they will continue to get the calls... I was TRAINED to tell the customer that since they don't have the money right now i could post date a check... I would tell the customer that they will have to call back to cancel the payment or it would run..Well this arrangement two years later and a promotion to assistant supervisor I'm being told by the loss prevention department broke company policy do to it causing checking accounts to overdraft from payments not being canceled. I was never previously told not to set these types of arrangements up or told that i had a lot of accounts ending up NSF. Instead I am terminated for doing what i was told to do as a collector.

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  • Le
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I think you are crazy, clearly you are an angry ex employee and need to find counseling and the Lord. It is time to move on child. You will find peace through the Lord Jesus Christ. Until then, you are refusing to comply with demands of Natural Law: what Mother Nature, God, or Whatever Power decreed to be the reality of the real world, God, democracy, capitalism, the US Constitution, and free, fair, and affordable commerce.

    Demanding every person, and every corporation, farmer, business, outsourcer sweatshop, and nonprofit, tax-exempt, organization and Church; markets the cost; in the wholesale and retail price of his or her product and service; Of consumers paying for Chinese, Foreign and Domestic Investors and stockholders market quarterly; in the wholesale and retail price of product and service, and EVERY product and service Human Beings use for life; and Government needs to build, maintain, and operate schools, infrastructure, and provide government services and national security. That gets only product or service.

    This makes it IMPOSSIBLE for consumers to afford anything; Makes free, fair, and affordable commerce IMPOSSIBLE; Makes funding schools, infrastructure, and etc. IMPOSSIBLE; Makes balancing every budget IMPOSSIBLE; Makes union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and America’s grandchildren’s children LIFE UNAFFORDABLE; and created the $40 trillion social security and the $9.3 trillion national debt. America’s grandchildren’s children are responsible to pay interest with this debt until they are 18 years old.

  • Jo
      4th of Jan, 2017
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    Sterling is a horrible company in terms of how the handle people.They carry mostly a terrible product, their diamonds are way overgrazed, when you think you get a deal if you buy a 3500$ for one carat diamond is probably worth 1200$...They have done terrible thinks to customers and employees...They have spoiled young people's credit because some cute associate hit them with an app and missrepresented it...All their men's bands are 4times over charged...Their watches are cheaper online, only Pandora is what it is...Everything else is mostly garbage...Leo diamond hardly worths what the say as they are GSI certified meaning no credibility!!!...Their watches he's brake all the time or the batteries too expensive ...It's a very unworthy deal...Best product they sell are the Saint Jude bears.

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