Ster-Kinekorwaste of time at bayside

9:45 My daughter and I were waiting in front of Bayside Ster Kinekor for it to open, the movie Ballerina was meant to start at 10:00. Around 10:05 the gates open but no one is around to sell us tickets. I found an extremely rude young lady (with thick painted eyebrows) in the room next to the popcorn area who informed me that they had only just opened and i should buy my tickets through the self service machine. As if I was really inconveniencing her morning. Are you not supposed to be ready when you open the doors? Turns out today, 30/01/17, Ballerina is not showing.????????????
Why is it then advertised online and on the enormous board in front of ticket sales. And let me just add the slippery, dirty kiddies seats help in no way.
Bayside cinemas are in serious need of a very serious revamp and new friendlier staff. Tickets are not cheap so make the experience cheap.

Jan 30, 2017

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