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Ster-Kinekorpayment not received. online customer service - bad

26 August 2016. [protected].
Ref Number [protected]
On 26 August 2016 @ 10:00am I booked online tickets whereby I have paid with cellpay option that was given to me. Later the day I had to cancel the tickets as my husband's flight from Namibia was cancelled and I had called in to Ster-Kinekor to cancel my tickets and hoping to get my refund in time. I called the [protected] number and no one answered and I have tried 4 times, being on hold for at least 30min. Only later the afternoon after work (16:30) I managed to get through. Whereas the lady I spoke to said I am allowed to cancel and needed my credit card number. I informed her that I did not pay via credit card but it went off directly from my cheque account. Hereafter, I spoke to her manager and gave her my cheque card number my cellphone number as well as the reference number. The lady then informed me the refund would be made and that they will contact me. I have to date not received any reference number regarding my query or refund. I have also sent numerous emails of which I received no answer. Only on 31 August 2016 I received an email to say that it has been resolved but not what was resolved which I find very unprofessional.

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    Sterkinekor Crestaoverpriced bad quality movies

    3rd September 2016 went to the movies are Cresta thinking now that the movies have been revamped the sound and picture quality mused be better but was in for a surprise the movie was dark and the music was so load you could not hear the dialogue. Complained and they did nothing we are being robbed R82 to watch rubbish no wonder the movie houses are empty I am a VIP member but they give you nothing for it

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      • Ga
        Gabriel Du Toit Nov 07, 2016
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I completely agree. I paid 263 rand for 2 seats to the prestige where the cinema was so dark you couldn't see any of the special effects. I watched Dr strange and was so upset that their facilities just ruined my night. The manager started blaming the movie but it wasn't the case due to obvious reasons I mean I saw the damn trailer. What a disgrace never ever going to cresta again

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      Ster-Kinekorsprained ankle - no apology, just bad management

      Attended at Ster-Kinekor Cinema 10 to watch a movie on 24 May 2016.

      No strip light on the stair. Movie was dark when entering, hands were full with snacks and drinks.

      Sprained ankle. Security had to fetch their wheel chair to lift me to the car.

      As at 1 August 2016, no apology, no check-up / follow up, no offering to pay any doctor / physio bills, yet I still suffer with an aching ankle.

      I’d rather drive 6 hours to watch a movie than go the Ster-Kinekor Sandton, being the closest movie house in my area.

      Bad attitude, bad service in general.

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        Ster-Kinekor — dreadful service

        I am a firm believer of excellent customer care …and to also feedback critics to a brand so that it improve...

        Ster-Kinekorworst service ever!

        Family night ruined by staff and "management" !!!
        To whom it may concern, I am most dissapointed in the service we have recieved from the musgrave staff and most shocking and suprisgly the management itself this saturday evening.
        After standing in a line for more than 30 min we get to an unfriendly cashier who asks cash or card so we say card and she points to a direction of a self service machine, after waiting for assiatance of some staff member for the next 15 min I was then told to use the machine (Not being so techno savy) after making an error on the machine and only realsiing it when enetering the movie the ticket assitant makes us wait for an extra 15 min while she clears the line leaving us last telling us to return the ticket at the "box office" looing around frasutrated as we missing the movie my son and his friends carting around their combo meals anticipated for their movie, having to join the very same line again comes to the cashier and she sighs saying she will try and assist but might not be able to, she types something on her screen and says sorry she cant help, ask for the manager on duty and his busy with "cash ups" wait another 15 min for the ruddest service of my life!
        Manager comes after 15 min with no identification or greeting after explaining my situation im ubruptly pointed to a sign that reads out the rules. The manager says he will refuse to help me reason being "many people have this problem so its hard for him", he had no name tag or any sort of identification he refuse to change my movie ticket because it was paid by card and he said its impossible for him to assist me, as he needs to do his cash ups, he also stated that if my son was slighly taller he wouldve assisted which I am uptil now really confused as to how my sons height is of any importance to him helping me correct a human error when asked for assitance I was blatently told no to !!
        My son and friends dreams were crashed before them, dissapointed and tired kids is what I dealt with.
        I did not ask for a refund I did not ask for anything besides assitance, my movie ticket was said to be null and void as per manager I should discard it, my money was wasted popcorn combos wasted, but most of all my time was wasted.

        I've been watching at musgrave ster kinerkor since the time I was a kid, I will now never ever step foot in there or recommend anybody to go there to be treated like that, som serious training to the manager and his staff needs to be done, I know dealing with clients on a daily basis isnt easy but if you not a peoples person then dont be in that position and most of all if you not willing to assist then do not call yourself managment!!!
        When asked for managers name he walks away.
        After 3 times of asking he writes it on a piece of paper and shoves across counter.

        Unhelpful manager name : melvyn
        Rude cashiers name :nokuyhula

        Im now considering of driving further but happy to get better service.

        Waste of time and money is what musgrave ster kinekor has turned into.

        worst service ever!

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          Ster-Kinekorracist manager on duty

          On 8 May 2016 we went to watch the new Captain America. It was the first time in a while that we were able to take time off to enjoy a movie. The Manager on duty at North gate Mall at 8pm standing behind kiosk was insulting white customers. Her Racist attitude was followed by more remarks in her African language. Urgent attention is required before social media gets involved. We have witnesses and a video.

          I received an email from [protected]@sterkinekor.com on 10 May 2016 with the following message. "Thank you for your email. Thank for bringing this to our attention. Your complaint has been forwarded to the relevant department, and you should be contacted within 48 hours. Your reference number is 31831."

          It is now, 17 May 2016, and I have not heard a word. So clearly they don't care...

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            Ster-Kinekor — air conditioning

            Me and my wife went to Sterkinikor to watch a movie. The air-conditioning system was not working and it felt...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Ster-Kinekorcontradictory "rule"

            My boyfriend and I had gone to Blue route cinema, the guy that checks tickets searched our shopping bags and had said we cant take it in because there was a packet of chips in the bag and we should leave it with him which we refused as this was the first time our personal shopping bags were looked through. We then went into the cinema and sat down with a Combo which we had bought from the cinema when an arrogant, rude Carmen Weiner then came to us saying we should give her our bag keeping in
            mind our personal
            belongings were sealed as we had a combo we then got up and asked for our money back as out of the people in the cinema we were the only couple asked to give off our bag.the couple sitting behind us who had open things not from the cinema we not forced to give up there goods or to leave like we were. we were then directed to a Paul who was
            so rude. we then watched as they let other couples in with bags and asked Paul the question as to why their bags were not looked through and he said Ster kinekor is not
            allowed to search personal bags and that is a direct contradiction as to what service we were given. i refuse to support a company with double standards as he could not explain why our bags we physically opened and looked through. i want a response to my complaint and what you are going to do about it pathetic service. I will be posting on Hello Peter as well. Carmen and Paul should both go on people skills training.

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              Ster-Kinekorunable to retrieve tickets booked online at cinema

              This is the second time in two outings to the cinema in the last month that I have booked tickets online at [Hidden Web Address] received a confirmation of the booking, only to arrive at the cinema, swipe my card and be confronted by an error message reading that no tickets have been booked on my card. Fortunately the Cinema management at the Zone in Rosebank were kind enough to accept our printed confirmation from the website as proof of our tickets on both occasions, however on the second occasion (last night) we arrived to discover that our tickets had been double booked and there were other people in our seats. We were forced to watch the next show.

              This is unacceptable. We book tickets online in order to secure seats and to avoid the queues at the cinema, but what is the point if we get to the cinema to discover that we in fact have no tickets!? It creates unacceptable hassles. Despite Nu Metro being out of my way, I think that I will be frequenting its cinemas from now on.

              I must however thank the staff and management at Ster Kinekor in The Zone for being so understanding and for arranging new tickets for the next show for us and reimbursing the refreshments we'd bought.

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                Ster-Kinekordisappointing service to loyal customer

                I love to go see a movie and just relax, but recently 4 of my friends and I went to see Avatar at Tygervally center, but we recieved horrible sevice. Firstly the lady that helped us, only booked 4 seats instead of 5, and when we corrected her, she had an attitude. Secondly when we paid, she did not give us the correct change, and when we asked her for the correct change, she had a fit and told us we already got our change, and thirdly in the movie we noticed that 2 of our classes are broken. I am very dissapointed by the sevice of Sterkinekor, and would like to know what happend that day, because I go see a movie every thursday night, and would not want another experience like this!

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                  Ster-Kinekorthe patrons at the movie were disturbingly irritating and rude

                  I went to Sterkinekor Wonderpark on Friday, 8th Jan to watch 2012. The patrons at the movie were disturbingly irritating and rude. I sat next to three guys who kept their phones on during the movie, answered them when they rang and were noisy, loud and simply plain disgusting.

                  I don't know whose responsibility it is to ensure that this sort of behaviour does not continue but this seems to be the norm at Sterkinekor Wonderpark. I've been to other Sterkinekor theaters and I haven't seen this sort of behaviour at all. Maybe the management at Wonderpark should learn from other theaters how they maintain order.

                  There's probably nothing you can do about your misbehaving customers but I will never set my foot there again. I regret spending my R400 on movie tickets, snacks and drinks only to go through the ordeal.

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                    • De
                      Delusion Jun 03, 2016
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      On 9 Sept myself and a friend went to the Cresta Ster Kinekor to watch My Life In Ruins. A few of the booking machines were not working and the popcorn was quite stale which wasn't very pleasant but anyhow.

                      The movie was in Cinema 10 which is the last cinema in the complex.

                      In the middle of the show, there was a terrible noise which seemed to come from behind the screen itself. It sounded like crockery being dropped. It happened a few more times then suddenly more noise like a dumpster full of bottles being emptied along with shouting and loud talking. I can only assume there is a service passage behind the cinema or a door open to some backyard. It was ridiculous - VERY noisy and disturbing. When we finished the movie, we tried to find staff to complain but no one was around.

                      Overall, our Cresta SK experience was really unacceptable. The cinemas are dirty, smelly and seem in disrepair. A HUGE contrast from a great experience we had at the Cinema Nouveau at Cedar Square a few days later and at the Irene Mall the previous week. I can barely believe its the same company.

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                    Ster-Kinekorthis really was not the experience I was looking for when going out with good friends

                    A simple problem like running out of cups should not be a major issue to deal with> the staff of the establishment expect patrons to pay normal prices for items that are less in value. To get an attitude on top of that is ridiculous.

                    Lera, who identified herself as a manager (with a badge that had management stuck on with tape) informed me that they ran out of stock of a specific size cups. She and her staff were unwilling to use larger cups with the lower volume inside as it would mess up the stock levels.

                    This is not what service is about. Ster Kinekor... Train your staff!!! teach them people skills!!! This really was not the experience I was looking for when going out with good friends.

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                      Ster-KinekorI am very dissatisfied with my movie experience and dont feel I got my monies worth

                      My husband and I went to watch 'This is it' on Thursday 8pm at the Cape Gate Cine. We had such a bad experience watching the movie from the start. The lights in the Cine were only switched off about 15 mins into the movie. The sound was terrible with it breaking up several times and at times we couldnt hear anything. (This is a Michael Jackson Movie so you want to hear all the music!!) The state of the cinema itself was very poor. I am very dissatisfied with my movie experience and do not feel I got my monies worth!!

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                        Ster-Kinekorpurchased psp slim but did not have all contents

                        I purchased a PSP slim the monster hunter freedom unite bundle last week thursday and when I opened the package I did not recieve the screen wipe and the Skin. I really wanted the skin for my psp cause I am a huge fan of the game but it was not in the packaging.

                        I went back to the shop which I had bought it from being, Pick 'n Pay and they said that they cant help me. It was brand new and in a sealed box with the official sony tape so nothing was tampered with.

                        I went to the playstation SA website and there is only one contact number for PARTSERVE I called them and they said they only repair the PSP. Then I contacted Playstation USA and gave me a e-mail address for some one in Sterkinekor I e-mailed them and the e-mail came right back saying that the e-mail address does not exist.

                        I know that Sterkinekor is the importers of all playstation products in South Africa but I am unable to contact anyone in Sterkinekor. I went as far as to e-mail Sterkinekor directly but they never even replied to my e-mail!!!

                        I would really appreciate some assistance on this matter as I dont know of any other way of getting those 2 missing items.

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                          Ster-Kinekorbad attitude, unhelpful and rude

                          I watch movies all of the time, at least once a week. I have had a platinum card with ster kinekor for probably 5 years now. A few weeks ago I took my girlfriend to ster kinekor in Sandton City, she used her vitality card for her ticket. When we get to the front the lady who takes tickets asks very rudely to see the card. We show her the card and she then says that it is not her card. The picture is bad, but when my girlfriend queried it at the time she was told that it was fine and didn't matter. The lady went on about it, making jokes and being very unfriendly. We eventually managed to get it resolved. Last night we went back to the sandton city cinemas and were confronted by the same lady, same problem and same bad attitude all over again. All of the staff who involved themselves both times were incredibly rude, abrasive and unhelpful. I am considering watching movies elsewhere from now on as the service I have been receiving is unacceptable.

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                            • Ma
                              Mark Mungal Aug 29, 2016
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I took 2 youngsters to the movies at the new Mall of Africa, I have had the worst experience possible. My son wanted us to try the VIP section, where they have the recliner seating. We were eger to try this out. While waiting in the waiting area a waiter came to serve us, he showed us the menu and the boys could not understand the menu which was in pieces. The waiter brought a burger to show the boys and they did not want the burger, they settled for the chicken and I settled for a coffee. We also ordered 3 large popcorn with drinks for when we go into the movies. We had about an hour before the movie starts. 25 minutes later the popcorn arrives without the drinks, I asked him where is the food, the boys are hungry. 2 minutes later he arrives with 6 burgers, the boys and just looked at each other, I enquired from the boys if they had changed the order and if they are happy. We all looked shocked, I told the waiter this is not our order, he replied that it was. I asked him to change it because the boys were not happy. He went away and came back 10 minutes later and said that he can't change it, I asked to see the manager, the manager came a few minutes later, for the first 10 minutes he said he can't do anything. Not we have 10 minutes to starting of the movie, so I said aloud forget it anyway we have little time left, so what ever you did not serve at this point please give us a credit. This was also a problem, at this stage I still go no coffee. The order was paid for in advance when the waiter took our order. Later a lady arrives what seems to be their boss, they had some discussions and they came to me and said sorry and that they will refund the money back into my card. It is now over a week, I am still waiting for the refund into my card. I learnt, never to pay before you receive your order. My personal belief is that the waiter look like he was on some kind of drug or sick, the funny part was that the floor manager seemed to cover the faults of the waiter. Please stop employing thug like attitude people. Such a beautiful mall, the few are making all the good people look bad. Regards Mark - [protected].

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                            • To
                              Tony Falzone May 05, 2014
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I took my wife and daughter to the movies on Friday evening at the Ster-Kinekor Kollonade centre in Pretoria and to my surprise to find the same cinema 2 to be in the exactly the same shocking condition as it was about two years back when i last took my wife to the movies. I am very shocked to see that the seats are even worse thàn two years back and they are as filthy as the floors you walk on. My wife had sat on one of the seats we were allocated with spill of coldrink from the previous movie even though the cleaners were inside the theatre and had cleaned the place prior to us been able to enter to take our seats. What i found strange was that the seats were in no good a condition and i even made a remark with one client having seated on the row below us when he had made himself comfortable his back part of his seat was broken and he went all the way backwards with no support on the back. They had to move to another spot in the cinema. The floor below me was all sticky of the coldrink that was spilled onto my wifes seat and therefore i had to have my shoes sticky throughout the movie, which was very irritating.
                              I have found that this movie house has gone backwards with service as well as a nice movie experience as in the past and i will try to never go back to this movie house ever again, unless i van have a response from STER-KINEKOR to the what improvements and counter actions they are going to undertake to have some form of improvement done in this movie house. Regards Tony Falzone contact number - [protected]

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                            • Ad
                              A Deboni Sep 16, 2010
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Cinemas are a badly run business. How can they run a business that entertains people like a bad retail outlet. Nu metro isn't much better. Popcorn grossly overpriced, aircon never on, service is shocking, toilets stink, they all the same. Get PVR and stay home! Its a lost cause!

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                            Ster-Kinekor — avoid this place at all costs

                            This is now the second time I have taken my daughter to watch a movie, and have walked out feeling what a...

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