Ster-Kinekorsk movie club card platinum [protected] loyalty points not being captured anymore

Hi.Since Ster Kinekor switched to your new operating system from the old Flash based program, there have been continious problems.Most importantly, many Movie Clubcard members have not been receiving their loyalty points for movies watched.I have watched 24 movies since beginning of Sept 2015, but have not been credited for any of them.The counter staff at various Complexes I enquired at are absolutely clueless and incompetent on how to deal with the problem.I approached the various staff managers at my nearest movie complex, Cape Gate SK, Kraaifontein, Cape Town for help, but they show no interest in helping.The one, Gift, has told me 3times to come back the next day, when he was conveniently not working, as he had various excuses why he couldn't help me immediately while I was there.For a VERY loyal customer who watches 60+movies a year, this is simply absolute pathetic service.Since I'm a Platinum Club member, the old system was crediting me with 200 points per movie watched since about Jan2015.So I believe you owe me nearly 5 free tickets.And I know I'm 1 of many with the same problem.Pls sort this out.Kurt Breuninger [protected] or [protected].

Jan 22, 2017

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