Ster-Kinekorservice at blue route mall

On 9 January 2017 we decided to watch Moana at Blue Route Mall. We were appalled at the service we received. Only one teller was open and he disappeared for ten minutes to speak to his manager about a complaint a family of four had. That took another few minutes. Shortly thereafter we were able to purchase our tickets then joined the queue for concessions. The cashiers were extremely slow. They were all strolling between tills and then realised they had run out of popcorn. The stations were dirty and full of slips these were just thrown on the floor. They were completely unfriendly as well. Our tickets were checked and we walked into the cinema to find someone sitting in our seats. We checked and she had been allocated the same seats as us. We then moved to empty seats only to find that someone else needed to sit there. The manager was called and then only did they realise that the lady had been booked for a completely different show and that her ticket hadn't been checked properly. She then indicated that she had asked for the 3 o clock show and the ticket was wrong. We ended up having to sit in the first row of seats and other people sat on the floor. There was no apology and seemed as though this was a joke. We will never frequent your branch at Blue Route Mall ever again.

Jan 10, 2017

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