Ster-Kinekorlusaka branch theatre

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to formally lodge a complaint against the management at the Lusaka Branch of the Ster Kinekor Theatre.

On the evening of the 30th of May, our party purchased tickets to a film scheduled to start at 20:00 hours. At the time of purchasing the tickets at reception, we were informed that the scheduled had changed and the movie was now to begin at 20:30 hours. When arriving to the film at 20:30, we found the movie had already started and was more than 30 minutes complete.

We immediately contacted the manager to inform them of the error. She gave us the choice of a refund or completing the film, ignoring the fact that their error and lack of communication had already inconvenienced our evening greatly. Her overall attitude was rude, dismissive and unprofessional. She went as far as to state that this "is not America" and to go back to our country if we weren't happy. I have never

The entire staff at the venue was rude and unresponsive throughout the experience. I have visited many Ster kinekor locations around the world and never been as insulted as I was this evening.

My evening has already been irreparably ruined and I am not looking for any reimbursement. I only hope that you look into the matter so that no customer ever has to go through a similar situation.


Lonnie Michael Hackett

Apr 30, 2017

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