Ster-Kinekor / harassment and intimidation by ster kinekor gateway manager

Umhlanga, South Africa
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To whom this may concern.

I had a very bad experience at the Gateway Ster Kinekor Movie Theatre on Saturday 29/04/17. I attended the 5pm show for "Fast 8” with friends and family. We had all purchased popcorn combos individually, we had to buy our popcorn combos at a separate pay-point and then go stand in another kiosk line for the popcorn, after waiting in the line for more then 15 minutes I decided to go get a refund as I was missing my movie as it had already started so I asked a staff member for a refund they said I needed to ask the manager on duty, my friend had already purchased his popcorn and asked me to hold it for him as he had to use the toilet, I finally located the manager on duty and asked him for my refund, he asked me why I wanted the refund I replied that the line was too long and that I am missing my movie as it already had started, he then asked me why do I have the popcorn in my hand and if I had paid for it, I told him its my friends popcorn and he already had purchased it and asked had me to hold it for him while he went to the toilet, this manager now refuse to refund my money, I pleaded with him but he started to become agitated and angry and he started raising his voice at me as if I was a little child. Obviously my receipt proves that I purchased the combo and all I wanted was my refund but he could not seem to understand this and his suspicious behaviour suggested that he did not trust me.
I insisted that I wanted my money now, he then started to intimidate and harrass me as he is a big sized muscular person, he then proceeded to take my receipt and threw it on the floor and started yelling and shouting at me in front of all the people which was very embarrassing for me, some of my friends had filmed this incident with their cell phones while he was shouting at me. He said that he will never help me for the refund etc. I asked the other employees for his name and they lied to me saying his name is Adam when his real name is Deon, all the black employees did not want to help me further, they lied again and said he is the only manager at the theatre. I did not know what to do so I started to look around for an indian or white employee to help and assist me, I found an indian employee and he advised me to go downstairs to the ticketing booth area and speak to another manager, Nasreen. I had already missed my movie by now so I finally located Nasreen after some time, I explained to Nasreen what had happened to me, she then proceeded to do my combo refund and reimburse my cash. I did not get to see the movie with my family and friends instead I went back home all stressed out and disappointed.
I believe strongly that I was a victim of racism in the manner that I was treated by Deon, I want the camera footage to be looked at by senior managers to see how badly I was treated by Deon. He had intimidated and harassed me in front of all the patrons, I have witnesses who contest to what happened to me and the theatre camera footage will reveal how badly I was treated as a customer. I want this issue resolved asap and Deon has to be reprimanded or dismissed from his job. I intend on perusing this matter further by opening a charge against Deon for Intimidation and Harassment. I will seek my lawyers consultation as to how I can get justice from this incident. I was told by managers Nazarene, Lal and Nozi that I can come in on Monday morning and view the footage as the camera controller is off and she will return on Monday morning. Please advise what time on Monday 01/05/17 I can come by to view the footage. Deon is an absolutely rude and biased person, who knows how many other patrons he has disrespected. I intend on alerting the media(TV and Newspapers) and going on social media as well to express my disappointment about Ster Kinekor and how rudely their staff treats us patrons. What happened to me is inexcusable and unacceptable and nobody should endure this especially when its the weekend and we come there to relax and enjoy a movie but instead get harassed and intimated by racist staff. What makes this more annoying is that all the black employees refused to help me they just stare and laugh at me. That's unacceptable!!

Please note - This incident had occurred on Saturday 29th April 2017, between 5:15pm to 5:45pm, the camera footage to be pulled will be the extreme left side of the kiosk when facing the popcorn kiosk, Deon the manager was standing outside the kiosk on the left side when I approached him for the refund.

Dissatified Patron (Customer)

Apr 29, 2017

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