Ster-Kinekor / employees having a party during working hours

eastgate, ZA

I went to Ster Kinekor eastgate last night for a movie. First point of contact at the door there was no one, people were queueing and waiting for someone to show up. So we decided to move to the upper level hoping to get some service, there was also no-one there. The staff were sitting in the Prestige lounge havng a party, even though they saw us there not one of them came to assist us. We have to get one of the cleaning ladies to go get someone. After a few minutes a lady by the name Bongekile came out, already with attitude that we were disturbing her from her party and a mouth full of food she came and asked how she could help. We asked why there was no-one manning the station. She said she is the only one working and happens to be on lunch, during movie time they dont expect there to be people coming in so this is their time to take a break, she cant not take her lunch. She also said this is a self service business so we should help ourselves at the terminals, this after I had explained that I want to pay in cash and not by card, she insisted they put the terminals there for us to use and not to queue here. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I asked for the manager. She then explained they were having get together but couldn't explain why they failed to have someone attend to us, at no point did she reprimand the staffer who was still carrying on moaning that she is on lunch, we ourselves had to tell her to excuse herself from the conversation as we were now addressing the complaint with the manager. T this she went back to her meal, again leaving no-one manning the stations. I am a die hard fan of this branch Ster Kinekor but this has left a VERY BITTER TASTE IN MY MOUTH!

Nov 15, 2016

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