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I am a firm believer of excellent customer care …and to also feedback critics to a brand so that it improves on it’s service…

Yesterday, 24 July 2016 my family and I decided to watch a movie – Ice Age at the Mall of Africa.

All happy and excited as we stepped in, but the mood quickly changed.

• The self - help was offline – No Notice Board to relay the message so we all stand in queues that are not moving.
• The queues are all over the place – No one knows where to stand or even a customer service executive to announce whether it’s a cash or card service to get the tickets
• Get to the Customer Executive/Cashier – Not even a greeting or a smile. We are presented with a rude frustrated person who I really don’t think wants to be there.
• My husband queried if this is 2D or 3D to which he was greeted by silence. So he asked how much is the tickets for 2 kids under 12 and adults. A cold response of how much we had to pay not even showing us what seats are available.
I then asked if we could have the seat allocation. This lady was the most unhelpful person I have ever come across. She genuinely was irritated by me asking the question.
• After that experience, we ask the Servest ladies where do we pay for our refreshments…we were welcomed with blank stares. We then see on the side an order-pay table. 2 executives standing there. So my husband asks where can we purchase our drinks and popcorns. Greeted with cold looks..”here” was the response. Once he ordered he went to fetch the refreshments only to be told we need to follow another line…and a long line indeed. We missed half an hour of the movie. Yet again No Notice Boards/No human service – nothing.
• Finally get to the counter get our refreshments only to be told we need to get the straws from another side. Picture this a 5year old, 8 year old, 2 adults holding the refreshments without the box tray, we get to the executive with our smile not even communicating to us as to where we should go.
• Get to the movies only to find other people sitting in our seats…
• 5 year old drops all her Popcorn down, we scrambling to find our seats in the dark only to find other people sitting in our seats...Nightmare!! Movies already started..explaining to the guys that they are sitting in our seats…nobody wanted to move..we look for available seats…
• What supposed to be a happy family outing turned out to be a highly frustrated afternoon..whilst sitting there, I go onto the website to complain. It’s 8pm now .. not even a call or an acknowledgement of my complaint received as yet.
• When we get out of the movies, the girls wanted to go to the toilet…what a shocking state/condition. Really pathetic. Those toilets were not cleaned.
• As we leave the movies, there stands the next set of highly frustrated clients arguing with each other, standing in queues that they are not meant to stand in. A gentleman who is supposed to be standing in a queue to watch a movie decides to help other patrons - shouting out to everyone – Cards this side, Cash on the other, this system is offline…Nightmare!!!

For a top class mall to be having a chaotic movie house…just very sad.
I live 5 minutes away from the mall, however I rather prefer going to old Monte Casino and having a far more happier time than we just did…After spending R 500.00 and having an experience like we did…I don’t mind the drive…

Something has to be done from your side Please:
• Training of Staff – Very important – Customer care is key
• Presence of a Manager – No Manager on Site
• Notice Boards so that people who are new to the movie house don’t stand around lost and clueless
• Help attendants needed
• That refreshment booth needs to be re-looked..the flow and many queues must one stand in just to get refreshments…
• System software needs to be checked and working. No point of having a self help that you can’t use..

Might I add we got there at 1pm…and the movie starts at 2pm and we still missed half an hour of the movie…

I hope that this email is considered and something is done to improve the service at Ster Kinekor Mall of Africa… I do know that I am not the first person to complain. I was horrified at the facebook postings and guttered to see no response from Ster kinekor management

Look forward to a positive response.

Jul 28, 2016
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