Ster Kinekor Cavendish Square / have not been refunded

Cape town, South Africa

On the 14th April my husband, my son and I went to watch Fast and furious 8 at Ster kinekor Cavendish Square. There was a fire in the mall as a car caught fire due to an electrical fault. We had to evacuate the building. Some people stayed till after the evacuation and were refunded the same day. My family and I however left as soon as we were able to evacuees as I am 8 months pregnant and didn't want to take any risks. We have since been trying to get a refund for the movie tickets and popcorn and cold drinks we purchased but we have have no luck. We have been from one person to the next and the matter hasn't been resolved almost a month later. We spoke to Carla vice who is the operations manager bat Cavendish Square and she said she would get the manager at Ster kinekor to contact us. We have liaised with Carla on numerous occasions but no one has contacted us. We also called the contact centre and we were told to speak to Lloyd when we go to Cavendish and he will give us complimentary tickets. We went to Cavendish and we were told that Lloyd was not in and that they would take our details and he will call us. To date we still haven't received a call. We have paid for something we did not get to enjoy and demand a refund or complimentary tickets for the movie as well as for the popcorn and cold drinks we purchased. This is ridiculous. The people who stayed after the evacuation we all reimbursed the same day. Why is it so difficult for us to get a reimbursement.

May 4, 2017

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