Step 2 Love Secure International Dating / deceptive advertising and possible fraud

United States

I am not sure where this company exists? It seems to be a network of companies with different names all affiliated with each other and sharing information. It is an international dating service which I believe is overstepping its bounds. For the most part, we all know that these types of websites pray on individuals by overcharging on services and products. They will sell you women's letters at inflated prices. They will sell you products like a bouquet of roses for 20 times what you can purchase them in the foreign country. But we all know that already. This company has taken it even further. They advertise one thing but offer something else. They say if you become a gold member, you receive 50% off on all services. But when you really look into their billing prices, one quickly sees that 50% off is only on a scant few items. Most items are not discounted. Further, to find the real price of products is very difficult. They base everything on credits which you must buy for dollars. The problem is that purchasing credits is based on a progressive scheme. The more you buy at one time, the higher the proportion rate of credits. But then you must add the accrued enhanced rate if you are a gold member. On top of that, you can obtain a higher membership by becoming a premium member which is based on buying an undisclosed amount of good and services! So you can never be sure of what these services are costing until they take it out of your account! They have an online help facility which most of the time does not work or no one answers. Today I actually did get to chat with a support person who was of no help. I like to use Paypal to pay for services. I feel it is more secure than credit cards. Their site did show a Paypal icon as a way of paying for services. However when I tried to buy credits, no Paypal option was offered. Indeed, the only way you could pay was via a credit card. After entering all the required information, a different screen popped up and asked for my Social Security (last 4 digits) numbers!!! That is when I asked for the online help. The support person told me that Paypal was not an option. I asked why did they advertise it and not offer it. The only answer I received was to use a credit card. I asked why the site was asking for a Social Security number? They told me that they did not require it. I told them that I could not proceed until the number was entered. After 10 minutes of explaining the screens, they said they would look into it. They came back and said that they did not require it, it was required by my bank. I seriously doubted that statement. They told me to simply put the number in. Nothing bad would happen. I told them to remove me from any and all of their lists and I further stated that I would report them. They immediately disconnected me from their services. I then called my bank. They told me that they would never ask for that type of information. But they were uninterested in perusing the subject any further. They didn't even want to know the company's name! Is it any wonder why so many people's credit cards are usurped every year? I simply wanted anyone who may be contemplating doing business with this company in the future, should understand what may and most likely will happen!

Jun 26, 2015

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