Starz Entertainmenttriple charging my debit card for the same subscription

So I was charged 3 different times for my Starz subscription (the same subscription mind you) on 10/27, 10/30, and 11/03. I was emailed saying my subscription didn't renew to try again which I did. In the mean time I signed up for it via my iPhone because it was not working than come to find out I not only got charged twice for the same Roku subscription I get charged for the iPhone one which is the same account so I paid $27.00 for a $9.00 subscription. I have emailed you guys as well as called multiple times and was on hold for 20+ minutes each time only to never be spoken to by anyone. This is outrageous and the lack of customer service is even more appalling. I have tried to reach out to you to rectify the situation on so many occasions and have never been given the time of day. I want a refund for the $18.00 I was charged unjustly. I will also be considering cancelling my service with you simply cause it shows you do not care about your customers. Never answer the phone or respond to emails is ridiculous.

Nov 06, 2017

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