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Starving Students Movers / Awful company

1 United States
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Very Unprofessional... damaged our stuff in the move by dragging if up cement stairs(rather than picking it up) and b/c they charge by the hour they take there time with the move(long restroom breaks, talking/texting on the phone)... when i call the manager(and it even got to the point where i talked to their branch manager) they denied everything and were really defensive. One of the damaged items was a suitcase, which ripped b/c they dragged it up cement stairs and the manager told me that it was only a suitcase and that it gets damaged in airports anyways(what a about the damn rip?... and when i told them that airports will repair your luggage if there is extensive damage, there was no response)...

My husband and i have moved 3-4 times in the past 3 years and this company was the worst... they might charge a little less but they are very dishonest... you really have to watch everything you sign... when they write up the inventory really watch what they write... they will try to write that all the items are scratched b/4 so that they are not liable for it after... my mover even modified the inventory sheet after the move, thank god i had the sheet from b/4 to show how they modified it ... the movers are not professionals... we had a skinny/scrawny guy as 'the driver' so technically speaking he directs the move and then you're given one mover... they claim they are giving you two movers and truck but really you get one mover, truck and driver... when i asked them to reassemble the bed stand they told me it's easy and i should do it myself... who says that?...

Don't go with this company... it's a big headache...


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