Staples / customer service in east rutherford, nj

Carlstadt, NJ, United States

On September 29th, I was at your East Rutherford, NJ location. Your cashier totally ignored me, didn't speak, look at me, etc. just threw my items in a bag. I complained online, and was contacted by an assistant manager, Britney. I explained what had occurred. She was courteous and told me to stop in and see her.

I have been in the store four times since then, but no Britney. She's off, left for the day, on vacation, etc.. Not only that - not one associate even approaches me to ask if I need help with anything as I wander the store. I have to try and get someone's attention, which is difficult as I guess wearing headphones and listening to music while you're working is normal.. there are always associates in the store, but hardly any customers... it says a lot when your associates are just ignoring them anyway..

On my third attempt to find Britney, a group of four to five associates were standing up front, just checking out their phones. I mentioned that someone had spilled quite a lot of ink or something in an aisle creating a big puddle, and I had almost stepped in it. I was given a dirty look by a male associate..and no, no one made a move to clean it up or check it out..

Tonight was my fourth visit to look for Britney (not in today). I also needed to purchase something for work.. ONE other customer was in the store, several associates, no one approached either one of us.. and then a lady asked me if I needed help! I wish I knew her name, I was so surprised.. she stated Britney was not in, but would I like to speak to Kyle, another manager? I agreed and she told me to wait up front by the cashier area... after several, ten minutes or more, and no Kyle, I left. I could see workers, the other customer, but no one coming up. No Kyle.

Totally appalling, inexcusable way to treat a customer.. which no doubt explains the lack of customers in this store.. a store full of associates with no interest in helping anyone!

Barbara Mishaan

Oct 18, 2018

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