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March 26-29, 2017, I took an ambulance to stanford emergency room because I could not exhale air. The emergency room places patients right next to each other and there is no space between the beds. The doctor asked me to scoot to the end of my bed to put an iv in my arm. The doctor ignored that I told him I was allergic to albuterol. I was admitted to the hospital, I was having attacks every two minutes caused by bronchial spasms where I could not breathe. I could have been treated in the emergency room with the right medication and released. But they ignored my symptoms. I was injected with narcan and morphine. I am not a drug addict and I was not overdosing! They misdiagnosed me saying I had sepsis but I did not have any
of the symptoms. The doctor on my case never came to see me until I requested to be discharged after they came at 2:30am and dumped me in a nurses lounge with a bunch of sick people.
After getting a referral to a spine clinic and doing a mri I was not allowed to see a spine doctor

Jul 31, 2018
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      Apr 26, 2019

    I am shocked! I went for a 5-10 minutes consultation. They charged me $697!!!
    Is this for real? Never go there again!

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