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StainSafe / Worry-No-More Furniture Protection Plan / Worry-No-More and StainSafe are the same company!

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The Worry-No-More Furniture Protection Plan is the same company as StainSafe. They have the same telephone number: [protected].

I purchase a leather sofa, love seat, and ottoman from Macy's Department Store in September 2006. With this furniture I purchase a 7 year warranty with Worry-No-More to cover stains. In March 2007, I noticed a red ink mark on the leather sofa and tried the leather cleaning product to remove the stain. Unfortunately, the stain did not come off. I called Macy's Department Store and scheduled a time for a cleaning service to come to my house to clean the stain. I asked that the time not be in the morning but the afternoon and to call me on my cell phone to confirm my appointment . When I get my confirmation the call it is on my voice mail at home and the time is for the morning. I call Macy's to let them know the morning was not a good time and I would have to reschedule. In the meantime, I visit the Macy's Department store where I purchased the furniture and talk with the sales rep who sold me the furniture. I tell him everything about trying to get my sofa cleaned. He tries to help me by calling the Worry-no-More people. They tell him they cannot honor my warranty because I let the 10 days lapse before calling in my claim. This is not true. Then they say because I really did not know how the stain got on the sofa, that I was guessing how it happened, they could not clean it. They gave me a lot of bogus reasons for them to not honor the warranty. So I call Macy's again, and of course, they send me back to StainSafe. My outcome right now is I have written Macy's about this company and I still have my stain.

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  • Do
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I'm moving soon, and I just emailed the warranty company to see if I need to re-register for my coverage to be OK after my move. Should be receiving a response soon.

    Folks, if you have complaints, why not file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Keep careful phone/mail/email records. You'll be surprised how effective the BBB can be, especially with these kinds of warranty issues.

    Hopefully I won't have to complain, but I'm more than ready to. I've complained to the BBB on other occasions, as I'm very serious about protecting my rights on all purchases. Every single complaint was met with a call or letter from the company, and full cooperation leading to full satisfaction.

    It's OK to vent on this site, but please do follow up with BBB.

    Don Montalvo

  • Kj
      17th of Mar, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree, I paid for these warranty as well.

  • Do
      22nd of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Stainsafe is a ripoff. They play games. You did not report the damage within 10 days, on and on and on. They have no intent on making good their warranty. And Macy's should loose all of their business for pushing Stainsafe as a credible warranty. They know full well they are not reliable and that people that purchase the Keep that Stain Warranty, will do just that.
    Go back to the locationthat you purchased your item, and act like an idiot. They treated you like one. Bet they dont like loosing the business while you sit there and act like a disgruntled customer. Caveat Emptor. No, let the seller beware!

  • Ro
      3rd of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    It is very clear how many days you have to report an issue. DONE. It is very clear what is covered and what isn't. DONE. IF you don't like the rules don't play the game, don't buy the policy. Don't buy the furniture from the store.You can't get mad (well maybe alittle) at a sales person that lists the benifits of an extended wearrantee policy without listing all the details. What he told you was true( unless he flat out lied or stretched it) It will do what he discribed if followed properly. It will save you a lot of money but it has rules that need to be followed. We do the service for these policies. We fix/clean tons of stuff that would have been trashed. BUT you need to follow the rules. Life is game with rules, you can't cheat and expect to win. A couple rules. 1 Stores go out of business and there is no recourse. You could have paid for every stitch of the furniture on Monday and they close on Friday and you are out of luck. 2 A salesmans job is to sell, he/she are going to leave out the details its up to you to fill in the blanks.
    3 The reason EVERYTHING we do has pages and pages of dos and don'ts, rules and regs, ifs and buts, is so that when somebody who is going to care about something at sometime yells, , , , The other person can say "We told you about this on page 2000 paragraph 4 section 8 sub paragraph B. Didn't you read the information youy were given? This is where they give you that helpful smile that shows "Of course you didn't, , , , but you could have. MY TWO CENTS. PS Disregard this if you weren't given any paperwork, with the exception of the rule which states . 4 "You may have to ask for the information if it wasn't given to you. Its just common sense . Since you wanted it, and think you might use it, considering you just paid extra for it. But thats just me

  • He
      18th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Thanks to all of you for registering your complaints. Just purchasd furniture at Macy's and was told what a good deal "worry-no-more" was! Read your complaints and returned package to Macys. Macys sales people stated that worry no more was their old commpany and they had a new company, however, the package and literature all read "Worry-no-more".

  • Ex
      28th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree. This is a total scam. Do not purchase the warranty from Macy's. You will only be out the money and have absolutely no protection. I would really like someone to explain to me what is actually covered, because it seems like they have an excuse for anything that you try to claim.

  • Ki
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Worry No More is a total RIP-OFF! Everyone here is correct. I purchased a couch and a chair less than a year ago from Macy's. At the time of the purchase I had a young puppy who was still a little destructive. It was for this specific reason that I purchased the warranty...and told the salesperson that. I specifically said, "If my puppy does something to ruin the couch or chair, this warranty covers me?" She replied, "Absolutely." I did read the small print, and the warranty specifically states it covers "rips, tears, holes and burns." Okay, sounds pretty good. Naturally my puppy did scratch a small hole through the fabric and I immediately called Worry No More. I was told that yes, the warranty covers rips, tears, holes and burns...but not if it's done by a DOG! Are you kidding me? I'm so outraged by this whole situation, and the rude treatment I received by the representatives of Worry No More, that I absolutely intend to follow through on this and file a law suit. I suggest that everyone experiencing problems with this company do the same thing. If you don't have, or can't afford, an attorney, PLEASE go to the courthouse in your area and look into filing a small claims suit and represent yourself. This company will continue to scam people as long as they get away with it. We have to stop them! P.S. I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as suggested by an earlier commentor. I may even look into a segment on the news entitled "Shame on You." I really will not stop until I get satisfaction from this horrible, horrible company!

  • Be
      12th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can't believe what I've read here. Especially the name Monica. She must be the queen of refusing claims. I called in a claim the very next day after my dog chewed a tube of "hairball" all natural product, on the sofa. left oil stains. the product ingredients listed canola oil, cod liver oil etc. all things found in the "household food" category of the warranty. Good old Monica refused the claim because 1. it needed to be "human" food. once that was discounted, then 2. it was in an ointment form and they didn't cover "ointment" 3. then she made a bunch of stupid statements like "the warranty doesn't cover "ingredients". That was after I told her the ingredients were all natural and things on the kitchen shelf. I truly believe this is a very organized and orchestrated scam. I called my sales rep at Macy's and he said he would try to help, he did call me back, but it has been 2 days and I haven't heard from the stain company again. Worry no more is a scam. Please do not purchase the product. You are better off taking your chances and if you must get a professional to help you later. I plan to take this further.. BBB or where ever I have to.
    Now it is not so much the money, but the idea that someone feels they have the right to take peoples money and cheat them that really burns me.
    If you want to organize against these folks, please let me know. I'm in the Seattle area.
    B Enright

  • Ra
      13th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Don't buy this protection plan. Unless you have to waste your money and time. Macy's itself is a great store but the Worry No More service they offer is a nightmare. I am not sure why they are carrying this service.

  • Ir
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree with all of you my husband and I purchased a 2 piece leather sofa set on 6/2002 it cost $3, 000 and we got a 5 year warranty that coats us I believe it was about $300 and taxes another $300 and delivery charges I mean after all those charges they also tried to convince us to also purchase a warranty for the wood on the side of the sofas .But we declined i wish we would have declined the leather warranty because when we moved the sofa got a tear on the back we called them about 3 days later and they gave us the run around about writing a letter getting it notarizes and mailing it to them then they took about a month to send me a letter saying i took to long it's been a month I went through the roof because I only took 3 days they took a month anyway long story short we still have our sofas with the rip in the back stainsafe and worry no more give you something to worry about the money and time you waste with these company's it's not worth it . I won't ever buy furniture from Macy's or warranty's from those company's again and I advice all my friends and all of you not to also .Good Luck

  • H2
      30th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had a GREAT experience with this company.

    After a glass of juice spilled on our (4-year old denim couch) last month, we called the warranty service and they sent out a professional cleaner within a few days. When a portion of the stain did not come off one of the cushions and the ottoman, the cleaner called the warranty service from our house and explained that he could not get the stain out. He then handed the phone over to me and the warranty people said Macy's would reupholster the ottoman and the stained cushion.

    Three weeks later, Macy's called to inform us that they were going to replace the couch and ottoman with a new one of our choice. All we have to do now is pick out the new couch and Macy's will credit us the amount we originally paid for the old couch and ottoman.

    Fortunately for us, Worrynomore and Macy's have been a pleasure to work with.

  • Tr
      7th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Thank goodness for the existence of this complaint board and all the consumers who have posted. I just purchased a sofa and loveseat with the accidental and structural damage 7-year coverage on the sofa, and I was on the fence and suspicious about the combination program, so the sales associate said I can change my mind and he can refund me. After reading a lot of the comments, I got anxious and called immediately to cancel the program but apparently the transaction needs to go through first before the refund can be issued. I'm trying to catch this before it gets way way worse, but I'm totally sympathetic with the headache and heartache that so many are going through. Can't believe the "program" is such a joke and scam, and agree that filing with the BBB on that stain removal company is the best way to go. Macy's can only do so much - slap the wrist of the technicians who are denying all claims - though I've heard that it works some time, I haven't heard from any consumer regarding a positive experience. So, no matter how helpful and knowledgeable the sales associate may seem, do not trust everything they tell you. Or, request what they tell you in writing. They should totally make the legal document pertaining to the worry-no-more warranty available to consumers so that people can comb through the stuff before deciding to purchase. But since they know that most people won't ask for it, they count on this as their easy money. If this is how they play, then they will lose consumer trust and business. Once I get the refund for the warranty I am going to buy myself some sofa covers. That'll keep me worry-free better than some rip-off insurance plan. If you think about it, anything counts as "normal tear and wear, " so of course this is just like throwing money away. Same thing with mattress warranty - they are ridiculous and would never recognize any claims because of a loose thread or a compression that's not over 2 inches. Who has time to read all the fine prints and try to figure out the legal definitions and to document what happens to furnitures? Lesson well learned - pay your tuition money on these sort of things and don't let it ever happen to you again.

  • Ks
      18th of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I just filed for my 7 year return price of warranty coupon for not using it. I have a feeling it will be denied. You must ask for it back within 90 days of expiration. I waited one month too many. Waited 7 years and missed the deadline by one month! Bummer!

  • Wa
      11th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We generally do not buy warranties. However, since we were purchasing a couch and we have three large dogs, we decided it might not be a bad idea since animal fluids were covered by the policy. Plus, Macy's said if we didn't use the warranty in 7 years we'd get our money back in a gift card. Sounds great, right? So about six months after owning the couch, it was soiled by one of our dogs. We called Worry No More, and they said we could either get a more high powered couch cleaner and try to clean it ourselves, or we could be mailed replacement cushions. However, they said that if they didn't make the couch anymore, we would not be able to get the replacement cushions and would be out of luck and unable to get the cleaning kit (how is this fair?). Since it had only been six months, we opted for the replacement cushions. They said they would send them out as soon as possible. A few months later, wondering where in the world our cushions were, we called. They couldn't find our order and said they would place it again. Here we are about a year later, and still no cushions or contact from the company. We are about to call Macy's and demand our money back. I have found them to generally be accomodating with the dining room set (which fortunately I didn't buy a warranty for!) so hopefully they will be accomodating with this. Also, the things people wrote about the damage having to have occurred in the last 7 days is completely true, although I don't know what would prevent you from just lying when they ask you that question! Anyway, good luck and I will NEVER buy a warranty again!

  • Or
      7th of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We are very upset with the company WOORY NO MORE. They fixed in 2009 a red wine stain on 2 pieces of white leather sofa. After this, we covered our sofa with cover. Today, we just remove the cover and discover that the white they used to repair went of. We called WOORY NO MORE and they told us that is normal use!!! We have 6 pieces of sofa but it's happen only on the pieces they repaired and at the same place!!!
    Today they don't want to repair the sofa because the lost of color is not cover by the warranty!!!

    Be aware that WORRY NO MORE is a scam!!!

  • Ro
      23rd of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I would just like to say when we purchased our new couch an loveseat we were told by our sales person we need the worrie no more plan, we have bolts falling out of the furniture the color of the leather is changeing and the cushions have gone flat in tow years. We were told none of the above was covered. As we were scamed once prior I discuesed all of these problems with the sales person. The sales person all would be covered and we would not have any problems. After you pay foe the furniture and coverage plan you recieve one page document of items not covered, if read it is written so well that they will never have to pay another claim, the fact that if you attempt to call in a claim you loose the chance to recieve your 400.00 credit back tell you it is a Macys scam.

  • Fu
      2nd of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I have had my own personal nightmare experience with Macy's furniture and its so-called Worry No More coverage. I truly believe that the only way to get some measure of satisfaction would be for all the affected consumers to start a class action suit.

  • Jo
      1st of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I had a bad experience with Worry-No-More (same company as Stainsafe by info on the web) regarding "hand-tufted" latex-backed rugs I purched from Macy's a few years ago. The latex has deteriorated from bacteria (a common problem I found by more net research)and has started emitting a foul, caustic stench, best described as "burnt rubber". I first called Macy's customer service, and they were friendly and offered to contact the carpet vendor and get back in touch.

    After tree months with no call back, I again called Macys and they directed me to discuss my problem with Worry-No-More since I purchased a warranty from them. As you might expect, they gave me the runaround and told me my claim would "probably not be honored" because there was an exclusion on hand-tufted rugs. Of course, the sales person at Macy's didn't tell me that when we made the purchase.

    I asked the rep who the CEO of Worry-No_More was and he said he was nort required to furnish that information because it was not a publicly traded company. I told that was fine, i'd find out when my son, an attorney, filed suit against them, and also contacted the State Attorned General of Florida and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. He was unfazed, obviously it's a routine threat for Worry-No-More.

    I just happened to find this website as i move forward to make good on my threat. Macy's and Worry-No-More are a toxic combo. I am telling everyone I know to stay clear of this unscrupulous scamming duo.

  • Ra
      24th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I had a similar experience with WorryNoMore, but what I recommend everyone is to take advantage of Macy's one year return policy. After talking to a rude lady at WorryNoMore, I contacted Macy's to complain about the WoryNoMore’s attitude and the way they were handling my case. The gentleman at Macy’s asked me when I purchased my furniture, when I said about 6 months ago, he said since it is under one year I can return the furniture and get a brand new. So that was what I did and got completely brand new furniture. Don't waste your time talking to WorryNoMore ###s, take advantage of this and get what you deserve.

  • Ly
      2nd of Mar, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Hi, I would really like to learn something somewhat normal about Stainsafe, apparently there are a lot of people writing about how mad they are and what a scam it is but the details are vague and it's just a rant. I am considering purchasing but after reading I can't tell if all of you don't know what you are doing or Stainsafe? Just a lot of anger which could mean you did not follow protocol. Or they are a really terrible company even though you did everything right. The comments about the child and the pen, that is just a rant, the person who wrote about their cat, all I hear is anger which is great but please try to explain what occurred in a logical way, in this way your voices will be heard rationally and you can make clear what this company did wrong. It appears if you have an incident, a stain, tear etc depending on the warranty you have that you must report it right away or they will not honor it. Is this true? That if you contact them immediately they may come out and resolve the issue? If that is the case that would be fine with most people. However, the way everyone responded is extremely unclear, did you perhaps contact them right after the incident and they are the ones saying you did not, that would be a different story then. Please someone be rational and "clear" even if angry to add to the effect but this is a bunch of gobbly gook and I have no idea what you are all trying to say, at this point I can't tell if you are on medication for anger issues or if the company has made you this way, but at present you are wasting you efforts. Thank you kindly

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