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Flordia, CA

Someone incorrectly inputted basically all of my mailing information incorrectly, from my mailing address to my phone number. My package is now lost in the mail. I had to chase them for everything from the start. They did not send me a reply email when I ordered, I had to request it from them. When I went to check what my package was doing, I had to again ask them for my tracking number because the one they had sent me in my email was incorrect. I again had to contact them to get another tracking number when it went from one company FedEx to Canada Post. Why this was a thing, I am unsure. But it was to late I could not correct their mistake. My package is lost. I have contacted the individual who I was emailing for my tracking number, the support line and the general email to see if anyone would reply to me. NO ONE HAS. Now I am out a bunch of money with none of the items I wanted. And a company that doesn't want to help at all. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE. It is not worth it. I wish I never had.

Nov 15, 2017

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