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I am so appalled by the actions of I do not know where to turn. I currently use more than 5 gambling websites and this is by far the worse of them all. My problems with this website started over 5 months ago when I started to withdraw funds from my account. I have made 4 withdrawals during this time. Not only is this site the slowest to pay but the customer service is rude and they are hard to understand because their English is horrible. It has taken an average of 7 weeks for withdrawals I have made over the internet through this site. After my first deposit took 5 weeks I called and was told that it was a system error that they were in the process of fixing to expedite withdrawals. After 6 weeks I called again and was told that they don't handle withdrawals. They informed me that they outsource the withdrawal function, it wasn't their fault, and they would get back to me once they were notified.

You can imagine that this completely freaked me out considering I had over 1500 dollars in my account at that time. I finally got my first payment 8 weeks later and I started to withdraw my money from this account slowly but surely over the next 3 months. All withdrawals took at least 7 weeks. I chatted with several people at the poker tables on that site and a few people had dealt with simular issues with the website.

At this point I just wanted my money out of this site and it was my last withdrawal that completely send me off a cliff! The final withdrawal took 8 weeks. It was for 350 bucks. They sent me 3 emails saying that if I canceled my withdrawal they would give me a 20% bonus. I declined all of the emails to cancel my withdrawal. I recieved the 350 dollar check 8 weeks later and deposited it into my checking account. One week later the check was STOPPED! Yes, the check was stopped by the company that issued me the withdrawal check. My bank charged me a 30 dollar fee in the process. I contacted and they informed me that they would look into the matter once the banking division opened the next day. I wasn't contacted again until 5 days later. They informed me that I needed to send a copy of the canceled check. I scanned and email a copy of the canceled check from the bank. I didn't receive any response for 3 days. I called and was told that they would get back to me. 7 days later I was told that I needed to mail them the actual check. I mail them the actual check and 2 weeks later they informed me that they are still looking into the matter and they have received all of the documents. is telling me now (today) that they are not responsible for this situation and it's their vendor's issue to resolve. I'm not sure where to turn so i have to assume that I am completely screwed. All i can do is warn others in hopes that this doesn't happen to you. If you have money with this site please withdrawal slowly but surely and keep your fingers crossed.

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  • Ba
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    I also have tried to get monies back so i have put a complaint to VISA and they say they will sort the problem.
    Yes they should be shut down.!!!
    Good luck to all

  • Rj
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    Sportsbook did the same thing to me. I turned $300 into $3000 over the span of 3 weeks betting on Sports. I faxed them the necessary documentation (driver's licesne, utility bill) for making a withdrawal. Literally, the next morning my account was frozen. I couldn't even log into my account to view it, nor could I wager or withdraw any money. They came up with some ### excuse that they linked my account to fraudulent activity- when I have never been involved in such whatsoever. I have spent hours on the phone with management but to no avail. It looks like they have locked my money up and I will never see it.

    I say we all get together and file a complaint to all our state's attorney gerenal's offices. Another thing you can do is go to and go to Sportsbook Reviews- there you can file a complaint with SBR about Sportsbook. SBR has employees who will contact the book for you and attempt to resolve your issue. It's worth a shot.

    In addition to all this. Sportsbook I believe is in violation of a new RICO Act- a law recently passed that affects offshore online gambling agencies. I say we all band together and try to hire a lawyer who will take this case on. It could somewhat of a class-action lawsuit- so we arent individually on the hook for expensive lawyer fees. But just from the handful of people on here, there are tens of thousands of dollars being scammed. We shouldn't let that go without a fight!

    Contact me at if interested

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