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I have made an order with and made a payment via credit card. After about a month I have contacted the shipping company and was told that the things were shipped back because SportsDirect has not provided them with our contact number at their request and were told to ship the package back to sports direct.
We have, upon filling in the form on their website, left the contact number.
When I found out about this I have contacted sports direct via email they have provided on their website. There was no reply for some time so I found their Facebook page through which I have sent a complaint message. After a few days i have received a reply which stated i will be getting the refund via cheque since they could not refund it on the credit card. Upon getting the cheque I was told in the bank I have to pay the bank fees which end up being about 1/10 of the whole sum. I decided i should not have to pay for it so I contacted them again via Facebook (since that was the only place I got a reply from); no answer for a few days. I wrote an email to the customer service email but no reply again. After some time of no reply I made an international phone call to the their CS. During the phone call I was told I will be reached that same day by the team leader to have the issue resolved. That didn't happen, so I phoned them back the next day when I was told that cheque is the only way I could be refunded according to company policy. I was also told that the refund problem could be theirs. Again a mistake made on their account for which I should pay the banking fees to cash in the cheque plus the 40day waiting period to get the money.
I have never had any problems with any other companies making a refund on the credit card.
Not happy with the answers I got I asked for a supervisor's email to have the issue brought to a higher level.
I wrote another email, and didn't get a reply for another 10 days after which I made another phone call where I got to talk to a third person that had no idea what I am talking about (even after I gave her the order number). I had to resend all of the emails and hope that things will be resolved. Well that didn't happen. I got the same reply that the only refund I could get was via cheque.
I am not satisfied with that since it was their mistake on all accounts: firstly- with not providing the courier with contact number
secondly- with not refunding via the credit card, even though it states on their site that all of the refunds will be made the same way payment was made
thirdly-they were referring me to the free email customer service when I asked for a refund for international phone calls I had to make since I have not received any responses to my queries. I made those phone calls because there was no movement via email.
So now I am asking for the funds to be refunded on a credit card and that I be refunded for international phone calls I had to make.

Feb 21, 2013

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