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06/02/2015. 16.16 am applaud by staff and health and safety regulations. I was visiting the high Wycombe branch of sports direct with my 5 month old son at 14.10. 062/2015 The manager ' I did not know at the time of the incident ' jumped up high to knock down the trainer regardless there was a step ladder free of use a few feet away, he failed to catch it, it landed just below my sons face while lying down in the pushchair. He said " sorry" and walked away. So I asked a different staff member to call the manager. I was shocked when he announced he was the manager. He gave me another un sincere" oh sorry" I am very upset and angry with the manager. I did not feel in any way he's was generally sorry. So I would like to complain to head office but I'm finding it difficult to get in contact with them.

Feb 06, 2015

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